Cisco 9000 Series Switches 

Cisco Catalyst 9000

Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series 

Your network needs to keep up with it – the demand of fast advancing security threats, evolving IoT, Cloud and mobility integration. Also, there is more data coming. Every year more devices connect to your wireless network and more data is transmitted and that means that the demand for a network to be fast and secure never waivers. Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series is a secure for every network.

Catalyst 9000 Model Differences

First in Catalyst 9000 series is Cisco Catalyst 9200 access devices and they are next-generation of 296-X/XR switches. They provide data PPoE+ and StackWize Technology.

Cisco Catalyst 9300 Switches are leading the access layer rack switches which recently introduces by Cisco and they are the next-generation of Catalyst 3650/3850 switches.

Cisco Catalyst 9400 Series is Cisco leading modular access platform, includes numerous chassis options and is next-generation of Cisco Catalyst 4500E Series.

Cisco Catalyst 9500 switch platform is a fixed core advanced fixed switch and provides up to 200Gb connections.

Cisco Catalyst 9600 are newest and most innovative modular switches in this series.

The whole Cisco Catalyst 9000 series are x86 multi-core CPU which can benefit to standardize whole series operating system regardless of what modular switch it is. Also, it provides capabilities to be able to host Third-party applications. Furthermore UADP 2/3 new ASIC chip empowers these series by being intelligent, programable and secure.

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 C9000 Main Features

  • Inventory management efficiency with built-in RFID
  • Ease of serviceability with blue beacons on each component
  • Ergonomic design with industry standard icons
  • Wireless console access with Bluetooth

Automation and assurance

With Cisco DNA Center and Software-Defined Access you can do more in less time. The Cisco Catalyst 9000 product portfolio can operate as part of one fabric, for faster, more secure network access.

No more constant cutting, pasting and tweaking device by device. Create once, apply network-wide using cross domain policy enforcement and automation. The Catalyst 9000 family also offers multiple programmability options to further simplify configuration and adapt to changes.

Moreover, you can put your data to work. Get 360-degree contextual insights across users, devices, and applications. Assure network performance with real-time and historical data analytics, to learn, adapt, and even detect problems before they happen.

Optimize Mobility

Gain extraordinary visibility into wired and wireless access networks. The Cisco Catalyst 9000 family offers converged network services across security segmentation, policy, and Encrypted Traffic Analytics for both user-operated and IoT devices.

Get support for the industry’s highest-density Wave 2 deployments with Multigigabit Ethernet, our enhancement to the IEEE 803.2bz standard.

The IoT challenge

The scale of IoT is expected to be three times the global population by 2021. Easy segmentation of your network through network virtualization will be the key to automate and secure the onboarding and access of IoT devices.

The Cisco Catalyst 9000 family also can literally power and manage your Digital Building. From the highest perpetual PoE/PoE+/Cisco UPOE/ Cisco UPOE+ density in the industry, to support for multicast, Audio Visual Bridging (AVB), Time Synch (IEEE 1588), and Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour service discovery.

Be cloud ready

Simplify, secure, and transform your cloud environment.

With our DevOps toolkit, you can:

  • Use off-the-shelf applications
  • Create and manage applications that can be locally hosted on the switch, in a container-based hosting environment
  • Or take advantage of Cisco and partner applications

Cisco Catalyst 9000 Smart License

Due to Cisco changes in its licensing method, all Catalyst 9000 switches should be registered on Cisco Smart Software Management website in order to get full functionality on all product instances. Administrators should purchase the required licenses and login in CSSM in order to activate their Cisco Smart Licenses. Also, Cisco PLR smart license could be used on Catalyst 9000 family.


Smart license and PLR license for Catalyst 9000 family



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