Cisco Cloud Container Platform ( Cisco CCP)

Cisco CCP License

Cisco Cloud Container Platform (Cisco CCP)

The latest and arguably one of the most powerful technologies are containers. They can be used to emerge over the past few years to change the way we develop, deploy and manage applications. The days of the massive software release are quickly becoming a thing of the past. As customers and IT organizations have continuous development and upgrade cycles that are allowing a lot more innovation and quicker time to market, with a lot less disruption, it is essential to use this technology.

Cisco Cloud Container Platform ( Cisco CCP) is the solution that may run on top of Cisco HyperFlex and allows you to fully automate the installation of both the hyper-converged infrastructure as well as your Kubernetes cluster to provide you with a full cloud-like experience on-premise. Cisco CCP also allows you to integrate to Google and its Kubernetes engine which allows you to deploy and run your applications on either location. While transforming IT through a Software-Defined and multi-cloud model Cisco also wants to minimize risk, optimize your operations, and constantly provide you value with analytics and automation solutions to make sure it makes the most out of this model for your business.

Basically, Kubernetes provides automated deployment, running, scaling, and operating containers on physical or virtual machines. Kubernetes provides the totally open API and implementation, modular and replaceable, enables users to write once, runs always and it avoids vendor lock-in.

Cisco Cloud Container Platform

Cisco CCP is an easy to acquire, deploy, manage, and hybrid cloud optimized platform which supports native Kubernetes. It also can integrate networking, management, security, and analytics.

Cisco CCP Benefits

Cisco Container Platform is a full-stack solution built and tested on Cisco HyperFlex and Cisco ACI Networking with Cisco providing automated updates and enterprise-class support for the entire stack. It’s built to handle production workloads and reduce the risks. It also provides your IT Ops team a turnkey, pre-configured solution that automates repetitive tasks and removes pressure on them to update people, processes, and skillsets in-house. It enables developers’ flexibility and speed to be innovative and respond to market requirements more quickly. Cisco Container Platform gives you choice when it comes to deployment from hyper-converged infrastructure to VMs and bare metal.

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