Cisco CSR 1000v PLR Licensing Introduction  


Cisco CSR 1000v (Cloud Services Router)  PLR Licensing Introduction


The CSR 1000v Series routers help you to extend your enterprise network to public and private clouds. After activating all premium features, these routers will provide routing, security, and network management as cloud services with multitenancy and they are programmable across the LAN and WAN and in the cloud.


The Cisco CSR 1000v routers contain Cisco IOS XE Software networking and security features. Like other Cisco IOS XE-based devices, CSRv routers support smart licensing. Cisco smart licenses enable license management and visibility on the Cisco smart software management website.


All product instances could either be activated using a connection to CSSM website or by applying a Cisco CSR1000v PLR license. Registering the device with Cisco PLR license or permanent license reservation, enables all premium features with no need of connection to the Internet. Basically, the PLR licenses are introduced for the highly-secure environments which outer connection is not allowed.


In this introduction and by using the following steps you can register your device’s product instances using a CSR 1000v  PLR license:


1- Enter Cisco Software Center (CSC)


2- Login with your Smart Account credentials


3- Navigate to License Tab


4- Click on Smart Software Licensing


5- Load the Inventory tab


6- Select your Virtual Account


7- Click Licenses Tab


8- You must find CRV Licenses here



Note: If currently, you have not owned this license, call your PSS or CSS to purchase one. After purchasing and transferring the license to your smart account, follow the steps below:  

Cisco CSR 1000v PLR Licensing


9- Select General Tab and use New Token to make a new token with a willing expiration date


CSRv PLR Licensing


10- Copy the Token


 CSR 1000v Token


11- Connect to CSR 1000v over SSH


12- Enter the following commands:


CSR1000(Config)#license smart enable

CSR1000#license smart register idtoken [Copied Token]


13- Congrats now your CSR is registered successfully! use the following command for verification:


 CSR1000#show license status

PLR License Status


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