Cisco CSR 1000v PLR Licensing Introduction  


Cisco CSR 1000v (Cloud Services Router)  PLR Licensing Introduction  


CSR 1000v PLR Licensing

1- Enter Cisco Software Center (CSC) 

2- Login with your Smart Account credentials 

3- Navigate to License Tab 

4- Click on Smart Software Licensing 

5- Load the Inventory tab 

6- Select your Virtual Account 

7- Click Licenses Tab 

8- You must find CRV Licenses here 

Note: If currently, you have not owned this license, call your PSS or CSS to purchase one. 

CSR 1000v PLR Licensing

9- Select General Tab and use New Token to make a new token with a willing expiration date 

CSR 1000v PLR Licensing

10- Copy the Token 

CSR 1000v PLR Licensing

11- Connect to CSR 1000v over SSH 

12- Enter the following commands: 

CSR1000(Config)#license smart enable 

CSR1000#license smart register idtoken [Copied Token]  

13- Congrats now your CSR is registered successfully! use the following command for verification: 

 CSR1000#show license status 



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