Cisco DNA Center (Digital Network Architecture)

Cisco DNA Center

Cisco DNA Center (Digital Network Architecture)

The Cisco DNA provides assurance and capabilities to the network. Cisco DNA Center is an appliance or cloud-based service providing a graphical and a programming interface that we can install in our network. It includes numerous areas which help you to manage your network.

With design area you can put map of your network environment such as buildings, floors and devices. in addition to that Cisco DNA Center can apply different policies. You can assign policies to an entire group allowing or denying them access to certain devices and IP based access control can be applied.

It also provides QoS to set up a queueing profile to set priorities to different applications. With Cisco DNA Center can also enable provisioning for new devices on the network.

When there is a service outage or performance degradation on the network you need to move fast to identify and fix the root cause. Cisco DNA analytics and assurance, provides you the end-to-end visibility you need to get the pulse of your network. This solution collects data from multiple sources for devices applications and uses it then applies advanced algorithms to uncover correlated insights and suggest remediation.

With Cisco DNA assurance you can gain the full visibility into the health of your network predict performance and issues even before they happen and rapidly troubleshoot issues using suggested remediations put together by Cisco experts. The overall health summary of the network is divided into two segments.

First, network health gives you an insight into the health of the network infrastructure components. These includes switches, routers, Wireless LAN controllers and access points. Secondly, Client health provides a report on the wired and wireless clients on the network.

Cisco DNA Analytics

The overall health map shows a view of the entire network with multiple geographical sites. This map provides visual aspects about the health status of the Network.

Cisco DNA assurance provides a snapshot of the health of your network helping you quickly drill down and identify key issues affecting your network it also suggests solutions to help troubleshoot problems quickly and effectively.

Cisco DNA Center Smart License Manager

Cisco DNA Center Smart License Manager

The Cisco DNA Center License Manager feature helps you visualize and manage all of your Cisco product licenses, including Smart Account licenses and display graphical representations of your purchased Cisco licenses, how many of them are in use (that is, assigned to devices), and their duration. It also supports Cisco Smart Accounts, an online Cisco service that provides simplified, flexible, automated software- and device-license purchasing, deployment, and management across your organization. You can add multiple Cisco Smart Accounts.

When there are multiple Cisco Smart Accounts, one account is designated as the default, which the License Manager uses for visualization and licensing operations (such as registration, license level changes, and so on).

After changing the default Cisco Smart Account, it takes several minutes to retrieve the data from CSSM and display it on the License Manager Overview and All License windows.

You can upgrade or downgrade the feature level of your device licenses. You can do this with Cisco DNA Center (subscription) licenses. Your feature level choices are either the basic Essentials licenses, the comprehensive Advantage licenses or Premier licenses. Whenever you change a device’s license level, Cisco DNA Center automatically downloads and applies your licenses behind the scenes, using your Smart Account.

For devices that are within highly secured networks with limited internet access. In these types of networks, devices cannot regularly sync with CSSM and show out of compliance. To support these customer environments, Specific License Reservation (Cisco SLR License) and Permanent License Reservation (Cisco PLR License) have been introduced. The License Manager enables Cisco DNA Center customers to securely reserve licenses from CSSM using an API-based workflow.

In Cisco DNA Center, it requires a one-time connectivity to CSSM in the staging environment. Then the devices never need to connect to Cisco in SLR or PLR mode. If no connectivity to CSSM or staging is possible, you can resort to the manual SLR/PLR workflow available in CSSM.

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