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Cisco DNA Center

Time is the world’s most precious asset. You do not use your valuable hours maintaining your network. You want to innovate, execute and grow your network.

With the power of AI, Cisco DNA Center simplifies operations automatically increases IT productivity with machine reasoning workflows and optimizes your network with world largest IT knowledge base. In this article we are going to review some of the most significant Cisco DNA Center’s features.

Cisco DNA center is a way to manage our network using a graphical and a programming interface which is an appliance that we can install in our network or there’s an option for having DNA in the cloud but this is going to give us a graphical interface and a programming interface to design our network to add and configure devices on the network, monitor, troubleshoot our network.

DNA center handles network design that we can take a map of the world and we can add an area and within that area and we can say what our IP address allocation is. this is a way for us to design our network through this graphical interface. in addition to that DNA Center can apply various policies.

We can assign a policy to an entire group maybe allowing or denying them access to something. we could set IP based access control and moreover, quality of service which we can set up a queueing profile to say what vein with the mounts are given to different applications.

We can also perform provisioning that with Cisco DNA Center which we can essentially do plug-and-play for our devices. Another big part of  DNA center is assurance and this is where we can monitor the health of the network which help us with troubleshooting if there are existing faults, we can see what those are and based on experience of Cisco TAC, DNA Center is going to give us feedback about what we should do to try to resolve this issue.

One of the most powerful things about Cisco DNA Center is its ability to act as a programming platform provides a large collection of APIs (application programming interfaces) that will allow us to do via a program what we could do graphically. If we want to provision or set a policy or gather troubleshooting information, we could do that with a Python script for example using some of these APIs.

Faster Device Upgrade

Upgrading your network controller and manager system into Cisco DNA Center will result in much improved network performance, greater security and more efficiency for the IT team.

The longer it takes to compete the installation and setup, caused the greater cost for the business. Cisco is making big steps to reduce the time to deploy which simplifies and speeds the process by automating all your data input and telemetry configuration.

Zero Trust Networking

By using Cisco DNA Center to setup Zero Trust Networking policies, they can protect your users and business from threats and also improve network performance. However, Cisco Zero Trust Networking can be challenging because you need to identify all users and things on your network, categorize them and provide granular access privileges to the resources each endpoint requires while segmenting them from anything else.

This type of segmentation will protect your users and business assets from security threats but you need to make sure your security policies are optimized for best performances as well. As your network grows defining and optimizing segmentation policies can be daunting. Cisco DNA Center uses analytics and machine learning to untangle these complexities and bring automation for to facilitate their configuration.

Cisco Zero trust in DNA Center

Policy is one of menu items on DNA Center. AI Endpoint Analytics within this menu, uses deep packet inspection and machine learning to identify networks that are connected to your network. You can find a quick status of all endpoints using overview tab at a glance.

Group Based Access Control within the Policy menu, is where you are able to create policies for each endpoint group which represent the type of users.

AI Ops

Cisco has enhanced the AIOps in DNA Center by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to simplify and streamline all areas of IT operations. On Assurance dashboard in DNA Center, you get quick and clean view of the network health status and you can investigate for most the top issues on the network. Root Cause Analysis will leverage the machine reasoning engine to troubleshoot the problem.

AIOps in DNA Center

Note: Currently Cisco DNA Center is only available as an appliance on Cisco UCS servers.

Cisco DNA Center License

A Cisco DNA license subscription is required for each router, switch, and wireless access point to enable SDN features on the network. Cisco DNA Licenses are available in three tiers, each with its own set of features. These licenses exist in Essential, Advantage and Premier models.

Cisco DNA Essential License includes Basic automation features and network visibility while DNA center Advantage license enables more features such as; Advanced automation, Lifecycle image management, AI/ML analytics and assurance and API/SDK integration. Finally, with DNA center Premier License Encrypted Traffic Analytics and Multidomain policy segmentation would be added.

Cisco DNA Center Smart Licenses makes it possible to manage and control licenses from a centralized platform.

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