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Cisco DNA Spaces

Cisco DNA Spaces

Cisco DNA Spaces

Cisco DNA Spaces covers network blind spots by digitalizing physical spaces and helping enterprise understand how people, customers and employees and assets can interact within properties.

Cisco DNA Spaces takes your wireless network beyond connectivity to drive digitalization in three easy steps: see, act and extend. Now you can see what is happening inside your properties, act based on them and extend the platform capabilities into your enterprise.

Cisco DNA Spaces lets you quickly and easily activate configure and manage your devices. There’s an app center with all the latest industry-specific apps for multiple use cases and even a device marketplace where you can choose from a whole slew of ready-to-deploy sensors, beacons, wearables and more.

Cisco DNA Spaces is the only service that supports you every step of the way from ordering devices and apps to delivering outcomes and end-to-end monitoring one partner for the whole system now and into the future. As cisco reinvents the indoor IoT world it will bring you all it can deliver simply and more affordably. It lets all your internet of things devices come together.

DNA Spaces Dashboard


By Seeing what’s happening at your properties you can achieve the following capabilities:

  • Track & Monitor Assets: Provide visualizing and detecting all your APs, devices, Wi-Fi tags, and BLE beacons* on an indoor map
  • Behavior Insights & Benchmarking: Provide measuring how frequently people visit and how much time do they spend at your business locations. Compare and benchmark the performance of your locations historically, by group or by industry.
  • Real time view: Provide getting a real time view of the behavior of employees, guests, customers and visitors across all your locations
  • Impact Analysis: Provides measuring the impact of at-location events, campaigns and layout changes on people’s behavior
  • Seamless onboarding: Provides enhancing Wi-Fi experience and boosting Wi-Fi adoption by seamlessly onboarding guests through Open Roaming
  • Granular location analytics: Provides slice and dice location data by time or location to get deeper visibility into people’s behavior
  • Data Export: Supports extracting row & metric level location data to correlate with other data sources and make informed business decisions


It Triggers notifications and work flows based on their at-location behavior and brings following features:

  • Density monitoring: It Monitors the real-time count of people within your locations & proactively sets density & occupancy thresholds to drive safety & compliance.
  • Proximity Reporting: provides Viewing of the history of a device to track where it’s been over a period of time and then determine what other devices have been in its proximity.
  • Advanced Insights: Track advanced insights designed specifically for your industry and correlates them to business outcomes. Measure impact of events at your properties.
  • Onboard & Identify: Creates a business taxonomy for your network infrastructure by giving business relevant identity to all your locations. Acquires and identifies visitors with their enterprise identity.
  • Toolkits: Track location and behavior of things (assets, smart devices, equipment). Drive personalized multi-channel engagements with people in your spaces through SMS, Email, and App Push Notifications. Manage your access points as beacons to broadcast messages to people across your space.
  • APIs: Extend the location data and triggers outside of DNA Spaces using our APIs.


Extend integrates through extensions for enterprise software systems and provides below features:

  • Location App Store: Access a world of partner applications that leverage our platform to deliver industry specific business use-cases for your business.
  • Enterprise Integration, Monitoring, & SDK: Fully integrate the platform with your specific enterprise systems and apps. Guaranteed uptime with 24/7 deep monitoring. Extend advanced location accuracy into enterprise and customer apps with our SDK.
  • Granular Location Features: Get granular location accuracy using Cisco’s proprietary AoA. Ability to slice and compare analytics from granular location updates.

Cisco DNA Spaces License

This product supports three license model for product instance activation:

  • Cisco DNA Spaces See license
  • Cisco DNA Spaces Act license
  • Cisco DNA Spaces Extend license

Like other Cisco’s services you can purchase Cisco DNA Spaces smart license by personal or organization smart account and in the Cisco smart software management website.

Cisco DNA Spaces licenses entitles the user to:

  1. CMX on premise
  2. Support for CMX on premise
  3. Cisco DNA Spaces Cloud Features

Customers can choose to only use some of the features, but they are entitled to all.

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