Cisco Firepower 2100 PLR Licensing Introduction

Firepower 2100 PLR License

Cisco Firepower (FPR ) 2100 PLR Licensing Introduction

Use This guide step to step for firepower 2100 plr license

  1. Enter Cisco Software Center (CSC)
  2. Login with your Smart Account credentials
  3. Navigate to License Tab
  4. Click on Smart Software Licensing
  5. Load the Inventory tab
  6. Select your Virtual Account
  7. Click Licenses Tab
  8. Select Firepower 2100 ASA Universal License Feature

Note: If currently, you have not owned this license, call your PSS or CSS to purchase one.

Firepower 2100 PLR License


  1. Connect to FPR over SSH
  2. Enter following commands:

FPR2100(Config)#license smart

FPR2100(Config-smart-lic)#feature tier standard

FPR2100(Config-smart-lic)#feature strong-encryption

FPR2100(Config-smart-lic)#license smart reservation request univ


  1. Copy the given code
  1. Click on License Reservation
Firepower 2100 PLR License2
firepower 2100


  1. Paste the Code in the box then select Next

Firepower 2100 PLR License3

  1. Select License and Click Next

Firepower 2100 PLR License4

  1. Select Generate Authorization Code

Firepower 2100 PLR License5

  1. Copy Authorization Code in the box and close the wizard

Firepower 2100 PLR License6

  1. Go back to FPR and paste in the following command:

FPR2100(Config-smart-lic)#license reservation install [Code]

  1. Congrats now your PFR 2100 is registered successfully! by show license all can verify this:

Firepower 2100 PLR License7


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