Cisco FMC with FTDv Installing in VMware


Cisco FMC (Firepower Management Center) with FTD (Firepower Thread Defense) Virtual Appliance Installation in a VMware Environment 


For Installing Cisco FMC with FTDv, if you’re running a VM environment you could connect to your host either through with a client now or through a web console. 

1- First Download Cisco FMC image file from Cisco Portal 

cisco fmc

2- Decompress .tar.gz File to extract OVF File 

cisco fmc with ftd

3- For FMC, Import OVF Template on your vSphere Center 

4- Assign requirements to FMC Machine and at the end select Finish 

Cisco ftd with fmc in vm

5-  Wait till the deployment is done 


Cisco ftd with fmc in vm


6- Select the image and wait to be booted up 

Cisco ftd with fmc in vm

7- After Seeing this the installation is done 

Cisco ftd with fmc in vm

8- Use the following credentials to login User: adminPassword: Admin123 

9- In next Steps you need to set your management IP on the Cisco FirePower Interface 

10- On the shell put the command below to IP verification  

admin@Firepower:~$ ifconfig 

Cisco ftd with fmc in vm

11- Use the following to gain root access on the shell and use the same password 

admin@Firepower :~sudo su 


12- Enter the following command and use the configure-network script  

root@Firepower : /usr/local/sf/bin/ configure-network 


13- Enter your specified IP for Cisco Firepower Management Center like figure below: 

Cisco ftd with fmc in vm

14- Go to your browser and enter your Management IP and proceed as following figure:  

Cisco ftd with fmc install

15- Cisco Firepower Management Center should be loaded like figure below: 

Cisco ftd with fmc install

16- Proceed as Step 3 to 14 for Firepower threat Defense Virtual Machine (FTDv 

17- After deployment and system boot screen enter admin user with Admin123 Password 

18- Accept all End-user license agreements 

19- Enter a new password 

20- Ener the asked configurations 

  Cisco ftd with fmc install

21- after that FirePower Device Manager (FDM) will be enables to manage FTD locally 


22- You are able to access FDM with your Firepower Threat Management IP 

Cisco ftd with fmc install

23- Now you can access to web console software to manage your Cisco Firepower with FTDv. 



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