Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber helps you to keep connected to all of your colleges, teams, groups and departments with all of the Cisco Collaboration tools you need to get works done smoothly and efficiently. Use your preferred device to connect with others, makes instant messaging possible, allows sending important files and provide video conference sessions.

Have a comprehensive Cisco Jabber experience with Android and IOS applications for smart phones and tablets to access the same contacts, move easily from chat to the call or start an instant Cisco Webex meeting. Cisco Jabber gives you the full power of unified communications like voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing and conferencing.

Cisco jabber hub

the Cisco jabber hub is your launch pad for connecting and collaborating from here and you can quickly find the right people like IM, call, meet, sync up with your calendar and so much more. presence shows availability for you and your colleagues to help reduce phone tag, avoid disruptions and simplify communications. It updates automatically based on your activity or you can create a custom status. Find and add contacts with a convenient and powerful search function organize your contact list into groups simply.

Click to chat or call a contact or get their profile details for more options. The chats tab lets you easily find an open recent IM conversation or start a new one the recent tab lists. All outgoing and incoming calls where you can click to initiate or return a call are in the voice messages tab. You can listen to your messages or forward them with a prepended message if desired.

With calendar integration enabled the meetings tab displays your schedule when it’s time for a Cisco Webex meeting or IBM Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar meeting. Cisco Jabber prompts you to join you can create custom HTML tabs to open web pages within the hub.

This is useful for your company intranet or other employee resources you use for collaboration your administrator may set these up or you can create your own. The settings menu lets you import contacts, edit your profile and set your preferences for chat calling. Notification’s status account information and other viewing options the cisco jabber hub is your all-in-one communication center.


Cisco Jabber Multiline


In today’s multitasking environment you may need to communicate on multiple lines. Now you can do just that with multi-line for Cisco jabber. It’s easy to place and receive calls from different assigned directory numbers once you’re set up with multiple lines allowing you to manage your busy day of much more efficiently.

When multiline is enabled, the jabber client displays a new drop-down list that shows all your registered lines next to the search or call space. From there simply choose which line to use to place a cisco jabber call you can still receive incoming calls on any of your lines regardless of which line is currently selected.

The jabber client displays the line number being called, so it is easy to manage your work across all of your lines. The recent tab lists your call history for each line the jabber remembers which lines are used for incoming and outgoing calls, so you don’t have to keep track of this on your own.

You can use any Cisco Jabber window to view and change your lines just use the drop-down menu to change lines as needed. So, if you rely on multiple lines for your daily tasks Multi line for Cisco jabber allows you to leverage all of these advanced calling capabilities even when you are away from your desk.

Android Auto

Jabber Android Auto

Cisco jabber now works with Android auto and gives you a simplified user interface. To make it easier for you to use the app in the car, if you have a car that supports Android auto, you can use Jabber to listen to instant messages without having to read them on your phone. If you need to send a response, you can reply with voice to text while staying focused on the road.

Jabber for Android auto also lets you set up automatic replies to let others know that you’re driving and that you’ll get back to them later when you send messages from Cisco jabber for Android auto your messages appear in the mobile app that way you can continue the conversation as you leave. Your car Cisco Jabber for Android auto allows you to easily stay connected to your contacts without taking your attention from the road you.


Cisco Jabber Bots

You can make instant messaging even better with Jabber bots. Developers can use the Jabber Bot SDK to create bots to assist employees and increase productivity. For example, you can create bots to help employees check room availability and book meetings. Or create bots to auto-send and receive messages, launch chats, or make calls.

Phone-only mode

Jabber 12.0 include contact list functionality in phone-only mode. This means you can add, search, and connect with your contacts, even with instant messaging disabled.

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