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Cisco Nexus Insights

With the unprecedented increases in scale and complexity of networks, it is challenging to keep up with the demands of operating a large network without the aid of intelligent and adaptive tools. The Cisco Nexus Insights for the data center stands out as the first comprehensive technology solution in the industry developed by Cisco for network operators to manage day-2 operations in their networks.

The Nexus Insights for the data center is supported on Cisco ACI® and Cisco NX-OS/DCNM–based deployments. Cisco Insight benefits from following advantages:

  • Multi-fabric support
  • Time-series database
  • Flow analytics
  • Microburst detection
  • AppDynamics
  • Multicast control plane
  • Anomaly analysis
  • Resource utilization
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Endpoint analytics
  • Topology view
  • Advisories
  • PSIRTs/bugs
  • Kafka-messaging support
  • Cisco ACI Multi-tier support
  • Product-usage telemetry

These features are supported in most Cisco Nexus families such as Cisco Nexus 9300/9500/9700 EX/FX/FX2/GX series switches and Nexus 7000 and Nexus 3000. Check the for differences.

Cisco Intersight Nexus Dashboard Base

Cisco Intersight Nexus Dashboard Base to view all your data center networking inventory directly from Intersight. It offers customers basic data center network asset, inventory, and status information in the Intersight portal.

Cisco Nexus Insights Cloud Connector

Nexus Insights also provides a license-free version of the application, called Nexus Insights Cloud Connector, that will benefit operators by collecting valuable information about the status and capabilities of Cisco data-center platforms. Nexus Insights Cloud Connector application is included in the Cisco APIC and Cisco DCNM software OS as a license-free offering.

Cisco Nexus Insight 5.0

Cisco Insight License

Cisco Nexus Insights 5.0 application is the first application that unifies nexus insights resources (NIR) and the network insights advisor (NIA). It includes revamped user interface for the unified system dashboard that is designed to keep operators in mind to quickly bubble up anomalies and advisories that show the impact as well as the recommendations based on the co-relations calculated by network insights 5.0.

It also supports onboarding an ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) site directly on nexus dashboard and enables network insights for sites directly from nexus dashboard. Plus, you can use these sites for all applications running in your cluster without the need for each application to manage the sites separately.

In addition to the already supported platforms, it now supports additional platforms including the Cisco Nexus 9000 GX platforms for NX-OS. It is also introducing a new feature that’s called flow table events or FTE, which is a mechanism for hardware telemetry.

it’s similar to FT which is a direct hardware export. however, it’s an always-on type of mechanism that’s used to track events in the switch like forwarding, buffer, policy, policing, IDS drops or TCPD transmissions.

Every time some events are triggered NI is notified and will let you know about these critical events, as well as based on the correlations show which flows were impacted. Thereby allowing users to observe the events but also drill down into the details right from the dashboard. It is also included app dynamics integration which is already shipping with ACI but now it supports for NX-OS as well.

Micro burst detection has been available in NX-OS but now it’s been added to ACI microburst as we all know is highly intense traffic that appears in short bursts and is therefore very difficult to detect. Microbursts are triggered whenever the queue size occupancy rises above up threshold and falls below down threshold which is configurable from NIUI.

The thresholds can be set by the user directly from the NI app where the sensitivity of the burst can be set the enabling needs to be done explicitly. You can set low, medium and high and for each of these there are different upper and lower thresholds.

An anomaly for microbursts would be raised at an interface level when the number of microbursts per interface is greater than 100 when the anomalies are raised the user will know the fabric node interface and queue where this happened. Plus, it identifies which flows were impacted due to these burst.

Also for the very first time it supports the export of data via kafka. NI would be the producer of important events like advisories, anomalies, audit logs, events, faults, statistical data like interface routing protocols, environment and etc. The user can input a kafka broker and then all of the data is written as a topic. NI can also notify users via email. it also supports for tier 2 leaf in ACI fabric.

So if there’s a tier 2 leaf between the host and the leaf NI is now able to gather flow table records from the tier 2 leaf and stitch these together to show an end to end path including tier 2 leaf in place.

cisco nexus insights user guide

Cisco Insights License

Cisco Nexus Insights application licenses are included as part of the Cisco Data Center Networking (DCN) Premier license and these license are available in subscription mode only.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard - nexus insights installation guide

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