Cisco NX-OS

Cisco NX-OS licensing

Cisco NX-OS

Cisco’s next generation IOS called NX-OS, is a modular OS empowers by persistent storage service running inside IOS which can recover services in failure situation rapidly with state configuration. Also, high availability is another key feature of this operating system providing reliability for your network environment.

Cisco NX-OS unifies both LAN and SAN infrastructure for modern datacenters which can eliminate unnecessary cabling and reduce deployment costs. It is designed for Cisco MDS and Cisco Nexus switches are used in LAN and data center equipment. The programmability of NX-OS accelerates provisioning from days to minutes to simplify deployments and provides deep visibility for both data and control planes to secure data center and quickly remediates issues.

Features of Cisco NX-OS:

  • Scalable workloads with VXLAN EVPN
  • Efficient use of network resources through multi-tenancy
  • Choice of overlay technologies with segment routing and VXLAN
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity with VXLAN multisite
  • Complete integration with Cisco DCNM for comprehensive management
  • Easy configuration through industry-standard APIs
  • Full Integration with DevOps automation tools
  • Streamlined tooling with native docker support
  • Optimize network with granular flow and ASIC telemetry
  • Prevent network outages with control plane visibility and model-driven telemetry
  • Protect against snooping and cyber-attack with MACSEC encryption
  • Secure endpoints and workloads with 802.1X authentication
  • Cisco Data Center Interconnect (DCI) and edge DC connectivity

Virtual NX-OS

Cisco Nexus 9000v Switch (virtual NX-OS), with both 9300 and 9500 form factors, enlarges automation and operational models for DevOps and NetOps integration, with images built for Vagrant, VMware ESXi, KVM, and Fusion. Also, it provides Extensive support for Nexus 9000v is available the Cisco Virtual Internet and Routing Lab (Cisco VIRL) and Cisco Modeling Labs (CML)Broad support for developer community through Cisco DevNet portal.

NX-OS licensing

The NX-OS licensing includes three model: Essentials, Advantage, and Premier. Also, all product instances on NX-OS would be activated by using Cisco smart licenses. Moreover, the Cisco PLR license can be used in highly secure network environment to register all instances completely and forever.

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