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Cisco ONE

As technology continues to change, both Cisco and worldwide technology are changing with it. concepts turned to reality such as cloud, mobile, social and big data which are eclipsing the client-server model of distributed computing in favor of flexibility, adaptability and user centricity.

Business models have also shifted to align purchase technology more closely with customer experiences and to support successful business outcomes. More than 90% percent of NET new software offerings are being built solely for cloud delivery and the majority of software innovation today is being built into cloud services that extend to mobile devices and offer consumption based pricing options.

Cisco has historically had a large presence in the software market and now is putting software at the heart of its strategy working to migrate more offerings into the cloud and adopting a more flexible and open approach to software.

As the previous area of computing continues to dissipate where software has created by publishers, tested and compiled, delivered via channels to customers, deployed in the data center and accessed via client-server computing, a new landscape is taking hold.

In its place the new technologies of cloud, mobile, social and big data are fundamentally breaking the old software delivery model while simultaneously providing users with greater flexibility and an improved experience making it easier for businesses to right-size their investments to suit their needs.


Cisco’s software strategy is based upon four core principles. one user experience first, two everything cloud-ready, three simplicity and openness, Four consumption flexibility.

Cisco is giving customers the choice to buy and consume infrastructure software that is flexibly tailored to their budget and investment strategy and Cisco ONE software is at the heart of that strategy enabling IT to innovate faster, deliver more capabilities and scale services to meet the increase in speed of business.

Cisco ONE offers customer’s new options for acquiring and consuming software and services by providing software solutions for the data center including network and compute WAN and access including switching and wireless.

Each suite includes a set of software products designed to address common customer scenarios such as hybrid cloud, private cloud and integrated infrastructure in the data center, next-generation branch office and intelligent manner included as well as connected mobile experience and unified access.

Cisco ONE software is offered in three layers. the first foundation offers a consistent foundational network even security and system software platform for the data center, WAN and access. Two, advanced applications provide advanced capabilities including data center fabric, Enterprise Cloud suite, WAN collaboration, campus fabric and advanced mobility services.

The third advanced security typically runs on dedicated appliances and includes threat defense for data centers along with identity services for access. Cisco ONE software provides a number of very appealing aspects that target many current software challenges. The first significant value at an attractive price.

Cisco ONE software groups commonly use capabilities into logical bundles offering better long-term value than individual purchases alone. They offer broad feature sets that address typical customer scenarios in the data center, WAN and access domains. The Suites help simplify the ordering process and reduce the risk of excluding a needed software component.

The second investment protection through cisco software support services, licenses for software procured through Cisco ONE software suites are fully transferable from one generation of hardware to the next. They can be credited for fair value when upgrading to a more powerful platform. License portability gives you the assurance that your software investment today will last into the future, even as your environment and business requirements change.

The third acts us to ongoing innovation. As part of the Cisco contract clients are entitled to ongoing software updates and upgrades. Cisco incorporates new products and feature sets into cisco and software you will have immediate access to the latest capabilities. Cisco plans to regularly add more capabilities into these products to create more ongoing value for your purchase.

Most importantly, the key thing to remember is that Cisco ONE can be purchased just as you would purchase any feature set from Cisco today. Cisco ONE merely bundles many of the most common feature sets necessary to solve current customer challenges.


Cisco ONE for Access

Cisco ONE for Access is a simple and economical solution for deploying branch and campus switches and wireless access points. It offers an uncompromised user experience in a highly secure and feature-rich access infrastructure.

Cisco ONE Foundation for Switching is a solution to enable more efficiently manage a large switching infrastructure, reduce unnecessary expenses by simplifying network deployment and management, centralize network access policies across wired and wireless networks, easily manage wired, wireless, and VPN users and devices and Improve the energy efficiency of your connected devices.

Cisco ONE Campus Fabric provides a robust user experience in complex switching environments. It aids you scale your network for business expansion and enhances resiliency for your mission-critical applications.

Cisco ONE Foundation for Wireless offers connectivity and management solutions to build business-class Wi-Fi networks, create trusted wireless LAN (WLAN) access points, efficiently manage mobile devices across the network, deliver location-based services for your users and provide highly secure access for guest and employee access

Cisco ONE Advanced Mobility Services allows you make personalized mobile experiences for your users. Start unlocking the potential of your business with wireless security and advance mobile location and analytics.

Cisco ONE for WAN

Cisco ONE Foundation for WAN connects and better secures your branch offices while keeping WAN bandwidth costs under control. Cisco ONE WAN Collaboration integrates voice and video across your branches to increase productivity.

Cisco ONE Foundation for WAN provides you solutions to enhance application performance, deploy hybrid WANs with high reliability, automate deployment with centralized policies and distributed enforcement, strengthen network security and better manage the energy use of connected devices.

Cisco ONE WAN Collaboration provides remote branch facilities to Extend rich-media capabilities to branches with more secure video, improve branch and cloud telephony reliability, simplify transition to IP collaboration at your own pace and budget, easily migrate from time-division multiplexing (TDM) to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking and centrally manage all collaboration sessions.

Cisco DNA Center License

Cisco ONE for Data Center

Cisco ONE for Data Center Networking can help you build a scalable, resilient, and efficient data center. It Improves visibility and consistency across physical and virtual networks, delivers global reach across your businesses and data centers, simplifies management through automation and orchestration, Adds performance and port density with greater fault tolerance and Increases operational efficiency with intelligent power management

Cisco ONE Data Center Fabric helps you create a scalable, intelligent network by converging your LANs and SANs.


Cisco ONE License

Cisco ONE license (perpetual license) offers for Cisco switching provide comprehensive solutions for enterprise campus and branch offices. Foundation for Switching includes capabilities needed to implement a complete, secure, and feature-rich access infrastructure.

Campus Fabric builds on the capabilities of Foundation for Switching with powerful tools to scale, secure, and optimize your network. Also all perpetual licenses mentioned in the following:



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