Cisco Security Analytics and Logging

Cisco Security Analytics and Logging

Cisco Security Analytics and Logging

Your growing network needs the tool that make managing data log more simple. Having a record of all connections and conversations accruing across firewalls and network devices is a critical component for your security and IT posture and can sound like an intimidating challenge.

The Cisco Security Analytics and Logging automatically aggregates and correlates activity logs from the Cisco firewalls and other devices, all across the private network and even public cloud. Its centralized log management is available easy for all Cisco devices. By using this service, you will get contextual awareness of your network activity.

This visibility is clearly presented in intuitive interface to simplify troubleshooting and decision making. You can even boost threat detection and response by layering behavioral analytics on log activity for high fidelity alerts.

Generally, it is one tool that can be used by both NetOps and SecOps giving more for every investment. Security analytics and logging is fully scalable. You are able to expand your storage to meet your business needs on premise or in the cloud. When your data storage comes from the company that has the largest install base of networking in the world, you will have more to achieve as a better organization.

Plus, as part of Cisco Secure X platform, it naturally integrates with other security solutions. Security analytics and logging helps your streamline operations, simplifies decision making, amplifies threat detection and quite simply gets more done.

The security analytics powered by Cisco Stealthwatch provides detection of internal and external threats based on the analysis of network telemetry and IDPS logs, all from within Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO) and from that same interface, you can modify your network-wide policy to immediately deploy a remediation strategy.

In addition, CDO is fully integrated with Cisco Threat Response which allows you to build incident casebooks and drive response actions across the whole of the Cisco security portfolio.


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