Cisco Smart Account 

Cisco Smart Account

Cisco Smart Account

Essentially, A Cisco Smart Account provides a repository for Smart enabled devices to be managed by their smart licenses. It lets you to manage and activate your product licenses, monitor licenses in use, and track Cisco license purchases. With transparent access, you have a real-time view into your smart licensing support products. IT admin can handle licenses and account of users within your organization’s Smart Account through the Smart Software Manager.

The following smart accounts types can be used to purchase and manage your Cisco Smart License: 

  • Customer Smart Account
  • Partner Holding Account

Customer Smart Account

A Customer  usually stated to as just regular a Smart Account which allows customers to organize all their licenses, devices, and specific license agreements and manage user access to their assets and entitlements. A Smart Account is required for digital delivery of a license Similar as requiring a customer physical address for hardware shipment of products. After the assets are placed in the Smart Account, they can be accessed using smart account login within Cisco Smart Software Manager (CSSM).

Virtual Accounts

So what is a Cisco Virtual Account?

Basically, by using Cisco Virtual Accounts, Customers can to internally organize and manage licenses based on a company’s specific needs, such as departments or geographies. When a Smart Account is created, a corresponding default Virtual Account is created automatically.

Partner Holding Account

Cisco partners can advantage from creating a Partner Holding Account. A Partner Holding Account is used by partners to temporarily store orders before they are deposited to the Customer Smart Accounts. When ordering, a partner may not know the end customer or their Smart Account upfront, and instead will assign the order to the Partner Holding Account temporarily. Once the customer is identified, the partner can transfer the order to the Customer Smart Account.

The main difference between Cisco Smart Account and a Partner Holding Account is that licenses can be consumed only in a Smart Account Cisco, not in a Partner Holding Account.

In order to get further information about Cisco Smart Account requirement and creation, you can contact our specialists.

Cisco Smart Account Benefits

Using a Smart Account enables customers to manage and monitor their licenses and devices which use a specific license. This features makes it easier to manage license entitlements and eases the license migration processes.

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