Cisco Smart Licensing in StealthWatch 


Cisco Smart Licensing in StealthWatch 

For StealthWatch smart license activation follow below steps:  

1- In your browser enter your management IP. Type https://<IP Address>  

2- Login to your Stealth watch Management Console 

3- Enter your admin credentials 

4- Navigate to Central Management 

Smart license in StealthWatch

5- Select Smart Licensing 

Smart license in StealthWatch 2

6- Locate Transport Setting 

7- Click View/Edit 

8- Select Transport Setting 

9- If your Connection to CSSM is Direct, Select Direct. If you are using a firewall as a gateway, Select Transport Gateway and if you are using a proxy, select HTTP/HTTPS Proxy 

Note: For using HTTP/HTTPS Proxy make sure your DNS has been configured 

        a. To config Proxy Navigate: Central Management > Appliance Manager then click Actions, Select Edit Appliance Configuration and select Network Services 

        b. To add a DNS Server: In the DNS Server section, click Add New, enter the IP Address, click Add, Click Apply Settings 

        c. To enable Internet Proxy, under Internet Proxy > Proxy Setup, check the Enable check box. Then in the IP Address section, enter the Proxy IP Address

10- Open Cisco Smart Service Management Site 

11- In the License Section, Select Smart Software Licensing 

Smart license in StealthWatch 3

12- Log in to your smart account and select Inventory 

13- Your Cisco StealthWatch License must be available in the license otherwise you need to purchase one first 

14- In the Product Instance Registration Tokensclick New Token

15- Complete the required fields then click Create Token. 

16- Copy the token 

Smart license in StealthWatch 4

17- Go back to your Cisco StealthWatch Management Console and click Register

Smart license in StealthWatch 5

18- Paste the token then click Register

Smart license in StealthWatch 6



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