Cisco Smart Licensing in StealthWatch 

Cisco Smart Licensing in StealthWatch

Cisco Smart Licensing in StealthWatch

Cisco StealthWatch enables enterprise-wide network visibility and applies advanced security analytics to detect and respond to threats in real time. By using a set of behavioral modeling, machine learning, and global threat intelligence, StealthWatch is able to quickly, and with high confidence, detect threats such as command-and-control (C and C) attacks, ransomware, Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks, illicit cryptomining, unknown malware, and insider threats.

With a single, agentless solution, you get comprehensive threat monitoring across the entire network traffic, even if it’s encrypted. All mentioned features will be activated after product’s registration with Cisco Smart License. 

For StealthWatch smart license activation follow below steps:

1- In your browser enter your management IP. Type https://<IP Address>

2- Login to your Stealth watch Management Console

3- Enter your admin credentials

4- Navigate to Central Management

Cisco Smart License in StealthWatch

5- Select Smart Licensing

StealthWatch Smart licensing

6- Locate Transport Setting

7- Click View/Edit

8- Select Transport Setting

9- If your Connection to CSSM is Direct, Select Direct. If you are using a firewall as a gateway, Select Transport Gateway and if you are using a proxy, select HTTP/HTTPS Proxy

Note: For using HTTP/HTTPS Proxy make sure your DNS has been configured

a. To config Proxy Navigate: Central Management > Appliance Manager then click Actions, Select Edit Appliance Configuration and select Network Services

b. To add a DNS Server: In the DNS Server section, click Add New, enter the IP Address, click Add, Click Apply Settings

c. To enable Internet Proxy, under Internet Proxy > Proxy Setup, check the Enable check box. Then in the IP Address section, enter the Proxy IP Address.


10- Open Cisco Smart Service Management Site

11- In the License Section, Select Smart Software Licensing

cisco stealthwatch ordering guide

12- Log in to your smart account and select Inventory

13- Your Cisco StealthWatch License must be available in the license otherwise you need to purchase one first

14- In the Product Instance Registration Tokensclick New Token.

15- Complete the required fields then click Create Token.

16- Copy the token

StealthWatch License Token

17- Go back to your Cisco StealthWatch Management Console and click Register.

stealthwatch license portal

18- Paste the token then click Register.

ciscosmart licensing stealthwatch 2020



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