Cisco Unified Data Center

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Cisco Unified Data Center

Cisco Unified Data Center

If you are running a data center or depend on one, you know that complexity can be barrier to business innovation. Each change of hardware, each application added, each new demand on your legacy infrastructure increases the complexity of integration and management and slows the capability to adapt. As costs go up, business agility decreases.

Cisco License has taken a new approach of thinking about IT infrastructure with the Cisco’s Unified Data Center. Its compute, management and networking unified into a fabric architecture and optimized for physical, virtual and cloud environments.

The Unified Data Center is build based on a simplified, open and highly adaptable architecture and provides unprecedented agility through advanced control of pools of compute, network, storage and applications and that agility lets you fundamentally redefine the economics of your data center.

Cisco Unified Data Center consists of three of tightly integrated elements: Cisco Unified Fabric, Cisco Unified Computing System and Cisco Unified Management.

Cisco Unified Management

Each element delivers industry leading benefits in its own right. But, when integrated together, they deliver the ideal foundation of private cloud, IT as a service, public clouds or simply better IT. Cisco Unified Fabric is a highly scalable, efficient and intelligent network architecture that delivers exceptional performance and availability.

You can unify all network locations into one environment to securely and efficiently scale pools of resources and rapidly adapt to changes in demand. Through innovations and convergence and automation, unified fabric provides a dynamic foundation for interconnecting your IT resources.

Intelligent network integration delivers real-time traffic visibility and improves workload balancing to create a cloud-ready environment to support any application, any location and any scale.

The Cisco Unified computing system, or UCS, is a revolutionary server architecture designed for simplicity, flexibility and optimum performance. Cisco UCS is built around Cisco Unified Fabric and integrates servers, networking and storage access with centralized management.

Cisco Unified computing system

Running on Intel Xeon processors, UCS can be your single compute platform to power a wide range of bare metal and virtualized applications with industry leading performance, efficiently scale up or scale out as workloads demand, create a solid foundation for clod and big data and easily automate server administration within and across data centers.

With UCS you can quickly adapt infrastructure to any application’s needs. So, deployments that once took weeks or months take place in seconds.

Cisco Unified Management provides the streamlined operations, automation and orchestration necessary for a dynamic data center. It provides a greater flexibility with single point of view and extends across all physical and virtual IT resources or to zoom into a single node.

Cisco Unified Management automates delivery or new applications, services and data access providing an exceptional level of IT self service in which resources are provisioned in minutes instead of weeks. This service frees you from complexity and allows you o flex your IT resources to meet business requirements fast and by eliminating IT obstacles to change your business power to innovate like never before.

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