Cisco Zero Trust

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Cisco Zero Trust

Cisco Zero Trust

With billions of connected IOT devices and thousands of cloud applications, enterprise security is losing visibility into and control over who and what is accessing their data. Companies need to be agile and employees, contractors and vendors need to get work done, wherever they might be and on whatever device they’re using. However, security teams may wonder are my users who they say they are? And more importantly are their devices secure? Should these apps be talking to each other? How do I know who and what to trust?

Cisco has introduced Cisco Zero Trust technology to resolve mentioned challenges. Traditional security is based on location but the zero trust philosophy takes a different approach establishing and verifying trust for every access request, no matter where it comes from. With this method trust isn’t fixed. It evolves with your business insuring only the right users and devices get access when they need it and that threats don’t move across your network. Although, not all zero trust models are created equally. There’s three key components that define your IT ecosystem.

Zero Trust Security

Cisco Duo Security protects your workforce establishing trust for people and their devices accessing your apps from anywhere. Cisco Tetration protects your workloads securing all connections within your applications across data centers and the multi-cloud. Finally, Cisco SD-Access segments your workplace securing user and device connections across your network including IoT. While some enterprise security offerings only focus on one component of your ecosystem, Cisco Zero Trust is a comprehensive solution. Over time levels of trust dynamically adjust to address new levels of risk.

Cisco’s three step methodology ensures trust over time by establishing trust enforcing, trust-based access and continuously verifying trust. Cisco Zero Trust extends trust to an unrivaled amount of technology and security partnerships as well as other Cisco offerings to provide more visibility and policy enforcement, automation and a reduced attack surface across your entire IT ecosystem. Zero Trust isn’t simply a product it’s a philosophy and a framework and for enterprise level Zero Trust Security to be effective it needs to protect your workforce, workloads and workplace.

Moreover, using Cisco Secure Firewalls, Cisco Secure Network Analytics (formerly Cisco StealthWatch) and Cisco Email Security you can extent trust within your networks.


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