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Cisco Data Center

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Cisco is transforming the way IT should be done by providing solutions that allows you to run your data center simpler, optimized, secure and on demand. Regardless of your resources location in a multi-cloud fashion. Cisco as a industry’s leader, always introduces innovative data center solutions which enables customers to benefit from latest technologies.

We all need infrastructure to run our businesses. However, we must constantly provision new services while operating as efficient as possible. Cisco is changing the traditional routing and switching, compute and storage approaches which should be done by enabling software-defined solutions in a multi-cloud integrated way.

Think about networking and all those switches you need to manage today. They may live physical, virtual, even from multiple hypervisors, container based or cloud. Instead of having all these separate points in an inconsistent configuration fashion Cisco adds them up and automatically provisions them all through ACI.

Cisco ACI is a single solution that provides software-defined networking and allows you to aggregate every possible switch, regardless of its form factor even in remote locations or multiple data centers and keep them managed as a single entity. Even if your network exists on Amazon, Cisco will make sure that through ACI, you manage and provision older networking through a single pane of glass. High availability is always the must in any company.

If for whatever reasons you make a mistake and accidentally delete your entire network configuration, ACI can bring it back to stability in a matter of seconds by applying a snapshot from previously working configurations on every switch, physical or virtual and every location simultaneously reducing services eruption in your business.

In terms of compute, back in 2008 Cisco started the concept of software-defined  Cisco UCS. A single compute system that centrally manages hundreds of servers. Now it is disrupting the market again with inter-site. The idea of inter-site is that you manage thousands of servers centrally from the cloud in software-as-a-service solution.

Its form factor doesn’t matter. They may be blades, rack servers, hyper-converged, storage servers or any other form factor from the cloud. This allows you to easily integrate on-prem resources with clouds like Microsoft Azure while operating as a single entity. Now if we take agility and software-defined storage to the next level HyperFlex is a software-defined Storage hyper-converged solution that allows you to have compute, server based storage and networking resources provision automatically from inter-site just in minutes.

by aggregating server resources like CPU, memory and disk which may be NVMe, all flash or hybrid Cisco provides a fully automated hyper-compare solution that grows modularly and maximizes any application performance with always-on compression and deduplication features.

This dramatically reduces invested time in network configuration, fibre channel, zoning and OS provisioning. Cisco is consolidating work that would traditionally require multiple teams into a single point. HyperFlex also integrates to your existing SAN environment seamlessly making this easy to move loads between converge and hyper-converged system under the same UCS architecture. Creating, scaling and mounting distributed data stores take seconds and it fully integrates with backup solutions like veeam.

This allows you to rapidly restore VMs, files or complete data stores while still managing all your compute hyper-converged and backup infrastructure centrally from inter-site.

Cisco Nexus 9000 series switches operating in the ACI mode, counts as a reliable solution providing flexibility and high availability for your enterprise data center.


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