Cisco Nexus 400 and 800 Gigabit Ethernet Switches

Introducing Nexus 400 Gigabit Ethernet - Nexus 400G
Cisco Nexus 400 Gigabit Ethernet

Cisco Nexus 400 and 800 Gigabit Ethernet Switches

Modern data center network challenges require innovative solutions offering high scale and high bandwidth. These enterprises require a flexible, reliable solution that efficiently manages, troubleshoots and analyzes their IT infrastructure. These solutions should provide security, automation, visibility, analytics and assurance.

Greater Ethernet speeds, virtual data center builds, Internet of Things (IoT), and hybrid/multi-cloud expansion are putting the pedal to the medal on data center networking resources. When you add in burgeoning 5G and video-based data transport growth, the pressure is on for data centers to upgrade capacity to fulfill delivering these quickly growing data and bandwidth-intensive applications.

400G is essential to meeting new data center networking demands and data center challenges. These challenges include meeting mushrooming data center interconnect (DCI) traffic demand, handling and securing uncompressed 4K/8K/16K video, scaling HPC clusters, and easing adoption of new must-have storage and memory technologies.

The new Cisco Nexus 400G and 800G switches are built for the most demanding environments, 400G/800G provides high flexibility and customer choice, while preparing you for the next frontier of cloud networking, can help large cloud and data center customers stay ahead of these demands. These switches provide Cost-effectively build high-density 100/400G/800G fabrics for web-scale customers.

Also, they can Gain investment protection with flexible options across web-scale and enterprise workloads. By using Nexus 800G Cisco ACI architecture, they would get high-bandwidth fabrics with the automation, visibility, assurance, and security functions of ACI fabrics.

The Nexus 400G portfolio includes following switches:

Nexus 400

  • Nexus 9232E : 1 RU device supporting 32 port 800G switch, Compact, fixed switch operates as spine or leaf and Powered by Silicon One.
  • Nexus 9800 Series: a High-density 400G modular solution, 800G ready, Designed for power efficiency and sustainability and supporting Architecture scales from 57Tbps to 260Tbps fabrics.
  • Nexus 9400 Series: a Compact modular 4RU switch supporting Up to 64 400G ports or 128 200G ports and providing Breakout support for 10G to 200G.
  • Nexus 9300 Series (GX2): a Compact 1RU and 2RU 400G switch supporting Dense 32 to 64 400G ports and Leaf or spine capabilities.
  • Nexus 9300 Series (GX): a Compact 1RU 100G and 400G switches supporting 16 400G ports or 28 ports of 100G and 8 ports of 400G and Leaf or spine capabilities.
  • Nexus 9500 Series: a High-growth modular configurations from 4RU to 16RU supporting 16 and 24 port 400G line cards, Ideal for high-density spine or deep buffer switches.






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