Cisco Prime 3.10

Cisco Prime 3.10

Cisco Prime 3.10

In this article, we intend to provide you with information about the Cisco Prime 3.10 product. If we want to summarize this product in one sentence, we can say that Prime is a new network management strategy that simplifies management, fast troubleshooting, and improves operation efficiency. First of all it should be seen, what are the challenges in network management in order to be able to explain the reason for the existence and use of Cisco Prime.

Network management challenges

Networks are constantly changing. For this reason, the information technology unit of companies must be able to manage this issue. But change will always be accompanied by challenges, some of which include the following:

  • Applying the best recommendations in implementing and saving costs is a must in any business.
  • The use of smart devices such as the iPhone and iPad to do various things in companies has created a new definition of network users.
  • Using real-time video calls, multimedia content and Cisco Telepresence for interactions and communications is also a challenge.
  • The need for users to access from anywhere and at any hour of the day and night has changed old work environments and created new challenges.

The result of these changes is that IT department managers in organizations will be challenged to manage, secure and keep the organization’s infrastructure, services and programs scalable. In order to face these challenges, network managers need to change from the traditional model in which management at the infrastructure level from capturing packets, sniffing, and timing operations such as checking data flow to top-down methods and Migrate at the service level, which starts from the Application layer and goes step by step to the lower layers.

In many companies, the IT department uses a wide range of non-uniform products along with the scripts they write to manage the network. This bottom-up infrastructure-level method by using various management products limits the transparency in the network. As a result, it leads to the use of a complex and manual management operation, which also has the possibility of error.

Cisco Prime 3.10 is an IT strategy based on the concept of managing network services and a set of features. This strategy and the licenses that can be prepared for it provide a user experience including visual workflows among all Cisco architectures and technologies. In total, Cisco Prime 3.10 products facilitate network management, improve operational efficiency, reduce errors, and make network service delivery more predictable.

Cisco Prime 3.10 strategy supports integrated lifecycle management of networks, services and endpoint devices for borderless networks, data center and collaboration architectures. Also, this solution licensed by Cisco helps the IT department achieve the following:

Improve operational efficiency

Reducing network errors, speeding up troubleshooting and improving network service delivery.

Cisco Prime License

Reduce operation cost

Speed in deployments, reducing the use of manpower and reducing the need for training due to easy-to-use tools, workflows and the best automated solutions that facilitate network management.

Reducing the amount of investment

By investing in such management systems that are integrated, the total cost of organizations and companies that they consider for their infrastructure will be saved.

Manage network services with Cisco Prime 3.10

Cisco Prime is built on a top-down approach to managing network services. This method starts from the top down from the application level, reaches the services and gradually expands until it reaches the network infrastructure.

This method provides fast and effective troubleshooting for network services. It also allows operators to find and isolate problems at the infrastructure level. Also, this method supports integrated workflows that simplify provisioning and service settings and reduce errors.

By using the top-down network service management approach by Cisco Prime for IT products, the speed of troubleshooting increases significantly.

  • In the first step, the support team can solve a user’s session problem in TelePresence in a few minutes instead of a few hours. This action is done by tracking from the end user session to the media session path and to the infrastructure.
  • A problem with validating a user through cable or wireless media can be easily solved by tracking the user’s session from the device to security policies and infrastructure.
  • Cisco EnergyWise services can be deployed, managed, and monitored from a centralized location.
  • Application response time problems can be quickly isolated and tracked to the location of the problem.


Cisco Prime 3.10 features

Cisco Prime shares the common characteristics of simplified management and better predictability across architectures, networks, and services. Cisco Prime 3.10 has six important features that we will discuss below.

Improved operating experience

It includes ease of use by having an improved intuitive user interface for the operator among all the products offered. Cisco has combined IT operator processes with Cisco best practices to create a superior user experience. As a result, the new generation graphical interface provided for Cisco Prime 3.10 has features such as ease of use, automatic workflows, and state-of-the-art in user experience.

Ability to integrate with Cisco’s best solutions

The ability to integrate with tools such as guided workflows, automatic troubleshooting tools based on approved designs and the best solutions developed by Cisco. The use of these best solutions produced by the best in the industry helps IT departments of organizations save time in addition to solving the needs and problems of employees and support teams. It also helps to quickly solve a wide range of user problems.

Full lifecycle management

Cisco Prime for IT products such as Cisco Prime 3.10 automate the lifecycle processes required to manage a network. The lifetime of workflows in these products is carefully designed to quickly access important information and perform the tasks that are needed faster.

Device support from day one

The IT department can be confident about the new devices and technologies that are being marketed and developed by Cisco. Because from the very first day, these products are supported by Cisco License, and licenses for them are continuously offered to the market. These licenses can be ordered and used. These licenses make new products easy to manage, adjust and enter into the network. Support is also provided for older products for which updates are available.

Cisco Prime

Smart interactions

This Cisco feature is an automated self-help tool that speeds up network troubleshooting. These tools help IT departments to diagnose and solve problems faster and more effectively.

Virtual and physical appliances

The products are available in physical and virtual form, all complete with operating system, application and database. Both physical and virtual appliances are ready to work. No setup or additional configuration is required.


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