Cisco DNA Essential License

Cisco DNA Essential License

Cisco DNA Essential License

Due to the structure of networks in organizations and offices, etc., there are a type of networks that we call targeted networks. In a targeted network, the proper functioning of the system does not require the constant attention of network administrators. In this type of network, organizational needs are easily understood and all tasks are performed automatically and help the user to focus on the goals of the organization.

Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA licenses) is one of the tools that can be used to achieve a targeted network. It speeds up, and the platform can greatly reduce risks and costs. At present, Cisco is a provider of integrated networks with integrated security that has been improved with knowledge of the traffic structure and provides the necessary security and automation throughout the network of organizations and companies. Cisco DNA makes up for lost time for repetitive and time-consuming activities, so that managers can focus on the innovation needed for the organization.

Cisco DNA Security and Automation is built on a single controller, network virtualization, and unlimited cloud scalability. Most Cisco wireless routers, switches, and systems on the market today support Cisco DNA. You can also take advantage of new innovations enabled through these softwares by choosing between Cisco DNA Premier and Cisco DNA Advantage and Cisco DNA Essentials.

Cisco DNA Essential License Features

The use of Cisco DNA Essential License provides important and specific features to organizations and companies. These features include the following:

  • Reduce risk by identifying threats faster.
  • Reduces network installation time and faster troubleshooting.
  • Reduces network installation, maintenance and maintenance costs.
  • Protecting the organization’s assets with up-to-date capabilities and access to current innovations.
  • The ability to prepare network services faster in organizations can enhance the user experience and speed things up.
  • Creating solutions faster is possible by providing distinct experiences through logical and conscious perspectives.
  • Simplify and streamline IT processes and improve application experiences with open source platform adapters, SDKs, and APIs.

If we want to mention the other features of this software in more detail, we can name the following:

Centralized management

It is possible to design the entire network based on Cisco DNA, as well as enable specific policies, as well as ensure that network services are enabled through centralized, cloud-enabled management. In addition, the ability to monitor end-to-end network services can be enabled for branch, on-campus and on-premise environments or in the cloud.


With Cisco SD-Access, the network infrastructure can be fully automated based on a policy across the access network. Branch implementations can also be accelerated with Cisco SD-WAN, and service can be expanded with automated troubleshooting, preparation, and daily configuration.


Using this license, the efficiency of services can be predicted through machine learning with a high approximation. This allows the user, device, and application data to be linked together in an organizational structure for executive views. Problems can also be identified and more practical ideas for problem solving can be provided.


Threats can be mitigated by separating different parts of the network and enforcing security policies across the network. Threats and vulnerabilities can also be identified and reduced through network analysis.


Network services can be implemented in minutes for any structure, such as branches, public places or public cloud, and users can also be connected to applications with an integrated network.

Open platform

New features can be added to the network at any time to align the network with applications and other systems in line with the organization’s goals.

How Cisco DNA Essential License helps networks?

How does a targeted network like Cisco DNA Essential License help users in an organization’s network? This type of network allows the user to continuously align their network with the needs of the organization. Also, this type of licensed networks provides a logical and clear view of the network structure and creates process automation and network security against large and small threats.

For example, this software can learn the necessary resources for better performance of network applications and provide the necessary quality of service for users. In addition, it monitors access policies, applications, and network equipment anywhere on the network and changes them as needed. This type of network understands the requirements of operational equipment (Compliance) and continuously monitors that patches and images of the software infrastructure are applied.

Cisco DNA Essential License

The way networks are designed and operated, by developing and enforcing licenses like this, can make the following fundamental changes:

  • It is possible to analyze the network for devices, users and the whole network.
  • Closed, hardware-centric networks are being replaced by software-centric and programmable platforms. It also integrates applications, systems, and domains across the network.
  • Manual and time-consuming management with command line interface (Command Line Interface Driven) is replaced by automation based on specific and changeable policies.

In general, Cisco DNA Essential License provides the organization and its IT department with the necessary architecture and agility to respond more quickly and intelligently to organizational security incidents.

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