Cisco C8000v

Cisco C8000v Edge Software

In virtual and cloud environments, the licensed Cisco C8000V Edge Software (Catalyst 8000V) router provides comprehensive SD-WAN, WAN gateway, and network services functions. The licensed Cisco C8000V enables businesses to transparently extend their WANs into provider-hosted clouds by utilizing well-known, market-leading Cisco IOS XE Software networking capabilities. The licensed Cisco Catalyst 8000V can also be used by cloud providers themselves to provide their clients and tenants with enterprise-class networking services.

Cisco C8000v

Businesses large and small are increasingly virtualizing their data center infrastructures and applications to reduce costs and increase agility. IT applications are now being deployed by many businesses in virtualized data centers that are created and operated by outside service providers. These third-party data centers, also referred to as provider-hosted clouds, give businesses the ability to quickly add infrastructure and resources and improve operational effectiveness.

However, businesses face networking and security issues in the shared infrastructure, shared resource cloud environment.

  • The network configuration of an enterprise cannot be expanded into the cloud because it does not own its cloud connectivity.
  • An organization does not have the same levels of security and privacy for its cloud deployment as it does for its physical locations.
  • Due to the absence of a network-aware endpoint in the cloud, an enterprise is unable to directly connect its distributed sites to its cloud applications and is forced to backhaul all network traffic through its data center.

The cloud also poses networking difficulties for cloud service providers:

  • The main issue is the current architecture for network switching’s scaling limitations.
  • Furthermore, the cloud provider is missing Quality of Service (QoS), Application Visibility, and Service-Level Agreements (SLAs), all of which are necessary for an end-to-end managed connectivity service to be offered to customers.

These networking and security limitations in the cloud are addressed by the Cisco Catalyst 8000V.

How does Cisco C800v help you?

The Cisco Catalyst 8000V can be used as the foundation for scalable network service offerings in addition to bringing enterprise-class networking services and security to public cloud environments. The Cisco C8000V can perform tasks that are typically performed by hardware-based devices thanks to the Network-Functions-Virtualization (NFV) components that are included. Service providers can easily scale as more customers join or their networks grow by virtualizing these complex functions, which enables them to combine numerous instances onto a single server.

It is built on the same tried-and-true Cisco IOS XE Software platform as the Cisco C8000v family and offers a wide range of features, such as routing, VPN, firewall, Network Address Translation (NAT), QoS, application visibility, failover, and WAN optimization. The Catalyst 8000V platform also supports additional NFV applications like virtual Route Reflectors (vRR). This comprehensive set of tools enables businesses and cloud service providers to create hybrid networks that are highly secure, optimized, scalable, and consistent.

Cisco C800v Key Benefits

A company or cloud provider may set up a virtual machine of the licensed Cisco C8000V software router in a cloud hosted by the provider or in its own virtual environment. It can run on Cisco Unified Computing SystemTM (Cisco UCS) servers as well as those from reputable manufacturers that support VMware ESXi, Red Hat KVM virtualization, or on the Amazon EC2 cloud, Microsoft Azure cloud, or Google Cloud Platform. It has networking and security features from Cisco IOS XE Software.

A typical cloud offers multiple clients or tenants IT infrastructure and resources. For each tenant, the licensed Cisco Catalyst 8000V primarily functions as a router. In other words, each tenant receives their own routing instance, and as a result, their own VPN connections, firewall policies, QoS rules, access control, and other features. It is also possible to deploy the router as a multi-tenant router, which would use Virtual Route Forwarding (VRF) to keep distinct routing tables and feature configurations for each tenant it serves.

Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) from Cisco

With the help of Cisco SD-WAN, you can connect users, devices, branch office locations, and cloud deployments reliably and securely over a variety of WAN transport links. For great application experiences, Cisco SD-WAN-enabled routers like the C8000V dynamically route traffic across the “best” link based on the most recent application and network conditions. You have complete control over the way applications run, how much bandwidth is used, how your data is protected, and whether your WAN links are available.


Cisco SD-WAN is best used with the Catalyst 8000V. For businesses, this translates to faster, more dependable, and lower Operating Expenditure (OpEx) for mission-critical applications. The SD-WAN accomplishes this by enabling the monitoring, control, movement, and reporting of application data streams, such as specific-web (HTTP) traffic, across all branches, data centers, and cloud deployments. The Catalyst 8000V has deep packet inspection capabilities and can precisely identify and control thousands of different applications, including proprietary internal enterprise applications.

The entire Cisco SD-WAN implementation on the licensed C8000V may be implemented by managing the end device from the cloud or on-premises through escalating levels of throughput-based licenses. Subscription licenses are used to enable all licenses that support Cisco SD-WAN. All customers are now able to switch between on-premises and cloud management with ease thanks to these subscription licenses. The license tiers are set up to support the expansion of business requirements through easy subscriptions that make the transition to WAN intent-based networking for the WAN more straightforward.

The benefit of Cisco IOS XE software working on C8000v

The operating system that powers the licensed C8000v product line is also present in the Cisco Catalyst 8000V: Cisco IOS XE Software. Cisco IOS XE Software is suitable for dynamic cloud environments as it offers control- and data-plane separation, multicore forwarding, and a modular architecture that enables the smooth insertion of networking features. Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) and other hardware routers have been powered by the dependable, strong, and feature-rich Cisco IOS Software in demanding enterprise, service provider, and government networks for more than 20 years. This software is the foundation of Cisco IOS XE Software.

Cisco IOS XE Software offers a number of important advantages, such as:

  • Proven performance with networking and security features from the industry-leading Cisco IOS Software.
  • Increased operational effectiveness through quick integration into any Cisco IOS Software environment, including a branch office, WAN, data center, or cloud.
  • Consistent user encounter. IOS XE runs on the Cisco 8000 platform, including the Cisco Catalyst 8300 Edge, Catalyst 8200 Edge, and Cisco Catalyst 8000V, and uses the same Cisco IOS Command-Line Interface (CLI) and management tools.


Features of the licensed Cisco C8000V

Version of the software Cisco IOS XE

Cisco IOS XE Software (CSR Edition with a few Cisco IOS XE Software features). The program is offered in the ISO, BIN, OVA, and QCOW2 formats.

supports for hypervisors

VMware ESXi 7.0,  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7, also known as Red Hat KVM.



supported open clouds

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Cloud Platform by Google.

I/O modes that are supported

Several methods of communication between virtual Network Interface Cards (vNICs) and the actual hardware are supported by the Catalyst 8000V:

  • A paravirtual term.
  • Improved networking (AWS).
  • Networking acceleration (Azure).
  • Cisco VM-FEX (Virtual Machine Fabric Extender).
  • SR-IOV, also known as Single-Root I/O Virtualization.

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