Cisco Catalyst IE9300 

Cisco Catalyst IE9300

Cisco Catalyst IE9300 

Operational networks are becoming more critical to any businesses every day. The need for agility is accelerating digitization and connectivity is growing exponentially as your operational network becomes more critical. It can benefit from enterprise capabilities and security scale and troubleshooting. The Cisco catalyst IE9300 rugged series switches are built on the same high performance Cisco ASIC used in Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches.

The same enterprise technology purpose-built for industrial environments in electrical utility substations. For example, where networking requirements are some of the strictest in the industry. These environments required simplified scaling precision timing and deep visibility to identify connected assets. They also require enterprise grade security with vulnerability and risk assessment to protect critical infrastructure.

The Catalyst IE9300 covers all of this and more including those for digitizing roadways toll booths trackside even oil and gas. You can manage and secure it all using the same tools as your enterprise network Cisco DNA center discover how you can bring enterprise grade networking to your industrial edge with all these capabilities built in the Cisco Catalyst IE9300 switch. 

Cisco Catalyst IE9300 Features 

Based on our high-performing UADP ASIC silicon, the Catalyst IE9300 delivers the highest density feature switch on the market. It provides enterprise-grade switching in a ruggedized form factor with advanced visibility, security and edge compute. New features include: 

  • Unrivaled performance at scale: Enhanced network scalability and reliability with features such as the ability to stack up to 8 switches and manage them as one, zero packet loss failure recovery, and high precision time synchronization.  
  •  Unprecedented visibility to assets and applications: Improve efficiencies by identifying connected endpoints for asset inventory, automatically enforcing QoS policies via application traffic recognition, and proactively detecting and resolving issues with network health monitoring. 
  • Enterprise-to-edge, industry-leading cyber security: Assess and strengthen the security posture of connected industrial assets and enable zero-trust security with the embedded Cisco Cyber Vision sensor and SD-Access fabric edge capability. Catalyst IE9300 is the first switch to enable zero-trust security in operational environments. 

Cisco Catalyst Licensing 

Cisco Catalyst switches benefit from IOS XE software enabling various feature sets for the networking. All these features can be activated using Cisco Smart Licenses. This licensing method requires a constant connection to the Cisco Smart Software Manager (CSSM) in order to report license usage to the Cisco.

In the other hand, for the customers who are facing with the highly secure architecture where no inbound or outbound traffic is allowed, Cisco Permanent License Reservation (Cisco PLR License) can come handy. These licenses were introduced as an offline and full-feature licenses in order to register all IOS XE-based (Also NX-OS and FX-OS) instances permanently.  


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