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Cisco NGFW 

From the small business to the large enterprise, no business is immune to today’s cybersecurity threat., advanced and persistent attacks. But security concerns front and center, when it comes to business success. Cisco Firepower NGFWs are the industry’s first threat-focused next-generation firewalls.

They provide a flexible security solution that scales to the needs of your organization, no matter what the size. Immediately strengthen your security portfolio with our leading breach detection, faster time to discovery and security automation. Whether your team is a lean IT department or a robust security operation, Firepower NGFW offers you adaptable hardware and software solutions to accommodate your needs.

Cisco NGFW Series are part of the third generation of firewall technology, uniting a traditional firewall with other network device filtering functionalities, such as an application firewall that uses an in-line intrusion prevention system (IPS) called deep packet inspection (DPI).

In this solution other methods might also be used, such as Transport Layer Security, Secure Sockets Layer (TLS/SSL) encrypted traffic inspection, website filtering, quality of service (QoS), bandwidth management, antivirus inspection and third-party identity management integration (such as LDAP, RADIUS, and Active Directory).

Nowadays The fact that Protection based on ports, protocols, or Internet Protocol (IP) addresses is no longer reliable nor workable, caused the development of an identity-based security approach, which takes organizations a step beyond conventional security appliances that bind security to IP addresses.

Cisco NGFW provide administrators a deeper awareness and better control over individual applications, along with the firewall’s deeper inspection capabilities. Administrators can make very precise allow and deny rules for controlling access by websites and applications in the network.

Innovative firewall technology can also filter traffic based on the applications or traffic types using specific ports. For instance, port 80 could be opened for only selected HTTP traffic, or for specific applications, sites, or services that you allow. Think of it as combination the firewall and QoS functions into one solution.

Cisco NGFWs are known as application-aware firewalls and they are a type of unified threat management (UTM) solution. UTM products usually offer more functions than traditional firewalls, such as antivirus, antispam, or even intrusion prevention systems (IPS).

The well-tuned NGFWs can help with both security and bandwidth control. Because NGFWs are smarter and provide deeper inspection, they have the potential to catch more malicious activity. They can also serve as content filters and provide QoS functions so that higher priority applications receive more priority bandwidth. Along with providing better overall security, NGFWs are in demand due to the increase of cloud services offerings and outsourced software as a service (SaaS) provider.

Cisco Secure Firewall Portfolio

Cisco NGFW Firewall

For the small business, Cisco ASA 5500-X series next-gen firewalls provide a cost-effective solution. Also, out of the box these NGFWs offers strong firewall capabilities and threat inspection rates which makes them ideal for a single or remote branch office deployment. For midsize businesses, the Cisco Firepower 2100 series offers stronger security and more visibility.

Enhanced performance delivers firewall throughput and threat inspection rates up to 8.5 gigabytes. If you are a service provider or data center, your security needs are greater. Therefore, you need more throughput and processing capabilities. The powerful Cisco firepower 4100 series and the Cisco firepower 9300 offer robust throughput speeds up to 90 gigabytes to facilitate the most demanding scenarios. As your business grows and security demands increase, the Cisco NGFWs will scale with your needs.

Whether you need basic security or deep contextual awareness, Cisco’s customizable smart licensing options provide you with integrated industry-leading software, such as next-gen intrusion prevention, advanced malware protection and URL filtering. Managing Cisco firepower NGFWs is made easy with various tools to suit your operating style. An on-box Firepower Device Manager (FDM) can assist in single deployments, while a centralized manager provides granular tools to manage multiple NGFWs which double use throughout of your entire organization.

NGFWv is the virtualized version of Cisco NGFW Firepower firewall known as Cisco FTDv. Widely deployed in leading private and public clouds, Cisco FTDv automatically scales up/down to meet the needs of dynamic cloud environments and high availability provides resilience. Also, Cisco FTDv can deliver micro-segmentation to protect east-west network traffic.

Cisco NGFW license

Cisco NGFW licenses can be ordered for NGFW devices such as: ASA, Firepower and FTD firewalls. All NGFW licenses can be purchased and managed on the Cisco Smart Software Management website. Todays,  various licenses including Cisco AMP license, Cisco URL filtering license and etc., can be used on Cisco secure firewalls enabling robust security features.

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