Upgrade Cisco ASA to Cisco FTD

Upgrade ASA to FTD

The pinnacle of security is the licensed Cisco ASA, which combines firewall capabilities with anti-virus defense, intrusion prevention, and all that a virtual private network has to offer. Before a threat has a chance to spread throughout a network, the ASA aims to stop it in its tracks. Forget the days when ransomware would instantly appear on all devices throughout a business after opening a dubious email attachment. By proactively identifying threats and eliminating them, Cisco ASA puts a stop to this. For small, medium, and large networks, it is a useful security tool for safeguarding all data and corporate assets.

Upgrade Cisco ASA to Cisco FTD

Although it does enhance the basic firewall protection, Cisco ASA is more than just a glorified firewall.

The Cisco PIX 500 firewall is replaced by the most recent Cisco ASA 5500 series, which expands on its capabilities and offers more sophisticated proactive security measures. It is a vast assortment of security tools designed to safeguard even the largest and most complex data centers and networks.

Cisco is well-known in the cybersecurity industry and has more than one million ASAs deployed worldwide. End users can quickly, securely, and effectively access sensitive data, documents, and information from any device, at any time, and anywhere with the help of an amazing network security platform and firewall.

Cisco ASA 5500-x series

The amount of change in corporate networks is at an all-time high. Users today need access to corporate resources and cloud-based services anytime, anywhere; work is no longer something you go to, but rather something you do. Users are more mobile than ever before. The need for BYOD has increased as a result of the rise in the quantity and variety of mobile devices. In addition, applications have developed to be extremely dynamic and multifaceted, unlike the monolithic software of the past. The proliferation of devices, the use of dynamic access, and the cloud have all disrupted the traditional security models, along with the speeding up of internet-based threats.

A new strategy is required, one that integrates network security with overall enterprise protection, speeds up business innovation, and actively defends against threats months before they have an impact on the company. The licensed Cisco ASA 5500-X Series Next-Generation Firewalls offer performance-driven next-generation security features without the need for additional hardware modules.

These devices support services like application visibility and control, web security fundamentals, intrusion prevention, remote access, and cloud web security to offer an all-encompassing, scalable security solution. Furthermore, the licensed ASA 5500-X Series Next-Generation Firewalls offer a complete BYOD solution for both high-end enterprises and small businesses by integrating with Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine) and the Cisco AnyConnect Mobility solution.

Cisco ASA 5510-x series

The licensed Cisco ASA 5510 is a model that is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that are thinking about implementing remote working. It is a cost-effective security solution. Through an online management platform, all security services can be managed. The licensed Cisco 5510 has the high-performance firewall and network security options you would anticipate. The intrusion prevention capabilities of a security services module are fully controllable and include steadfast antivirus defense. A company must be future-proof, so the licensed Cisco ASA 5510 enables a company to scale up functionality as necessary.

Cisco ASA 5525-x series

The Cisco ASA 5525-X model, which uses the Cisco SecureX framework, is ideal for midsize businesses with more complex networks to secure. The newest security product Cisco has to offer is called SecureX technology. AMP for endpoints, email security, stealth watch, SecureX threat response, identity services engine, and a sophisticated threat-aware firewall are all benefits that your company can take advantage of.

Upgrade Cisco ASA to FTD


This model has a secure online management platform that makes use of VPN, antivirus, and network protection features. It is renowned for its exceptional performance and capacity to handle complex subnetted networks and bigger user bases.

Cisco ASA 5500-x series key features

To further improve security, ASA software can connect with a variety of other security programs. There is a wide range of features and capabilities in Cisco ASA software.

  • VPN from site to site is made possible.
  • High availability can be easily delivered with multi-node clustering.
  • Integrated VPS, VPN, antivirus, antispam, and content inspection features.
  • A safe and effective network can connect all devices, including those that use subnetting.
  • Increased performance and productivity are possible with multi-node automated clustering.
  • Your devices aren’t the only things that are protected; IP addresses and data centers are also held to the same security standards.

Cisco Firepower Threat Defence

The licensed Cisco Firepower Services, Cisco’s “next-generation firewall,” was built on the company’s flagship firewall, the Cisco ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance), and Cisco Firepower technology, which were obtained because of Cisco’s 2013 acquisition of SourceFire. This next-generation firewall is made up of the well-known ASA-OS and software module (SFR) that handle key “next-generation” tasks like Application Control, Intrusion Protection, Anti-Malware, and URL Filtering.

Managed with flexibility

Customers of the licensed Cisco Firepower NGFWs have virtually unlimited freedom in how they deploy, customize, and manage their Cisco security product(s) in order to achieve the most comprehensive and affordable security coverage.

Prevention of Breach

In an environment where threats are constantly evolving, company networks are kept as safe as possible by a variety of advanced security tools and features, including next-generation IPS, advanced malware protection, URL filtering, policy enforcement, built-in sandboxing, threat intelligence integrations, and more.

Rapid detection

The advanced security capabilities provided by the licensed Cisco Firepower NGFWs enable organizations to identify high-risk threats instantly rather than over the course of days or weeks.

Automation and integration

Some of the most effective and cutting-edge enterprise security solutions currently on the market are made possible by the seamless integration and exploitation of the licensed Cisco Firepower NGFWs with Cisco security products and those from other vendors.

Network Visibility

In order for security teams to quickly identify malicious activity and take appropriate action while having full context for the threat, the licensed Cisco Firepower NGFWs give organizations deep real-time visibility into their network activity as well as other pertinent data.

Cisco FTD image on ASA

One of Cisco Company’s best qualities is that they are constantly expanding their security portfolio in an effort to keep up with today’s contemporary threats. Along with the Cisco ASA, the FireSIGHT management center, and the new FirePOWER module are available. However, it can be annoying to use these solutions while running two different codes.

This is no longer true. Recently, Cisco unveiled an improved Next-Generation Platform and a single image to rule them all. The ASA is a single image firewall with Firepower services integrated right in with the new Firepower Threat Defense (Cisco FTD) image.

Upgrade ASA to FTD


Types of images

You need two different kinds of images, and you might want to use patch files as well. Different file extensions apply to each of these. Depending on the platform, the boot images have either a .ifbff or a .cdisk extension. This has already been mentioned. The system image ends in .pkg for all platforms, and patch files end in .sh.

Elevated procedure.

  • If necessary, update ROMMON.
  • Set up the device to be managed from the FMC.
  • The FTD system package is uploaded and installed.
  • Assign temporary network configurations after a reboot.
  • The TFTP server is used to upload and install the FTD OS.


How to install FTD image on ASA Firewall


  • First Backup Current ASA Images and Configurations
  • Before you proceed with the FTD installation, verify this:
    • ASA flash must have at least 3.1 GBytes (3GBytes + size of boot image) free space
    • The boot image is uploaded to a TFTP server
    • The system image is uploaded to an HTTP or FTP server
    • OnASA5506/08/16 the ROMMON is at least 1.1.8 version
  • For FTD installation, download the following images:
    • OS image (AKA boot image) – For Firepower Threat Defense on ASA5506-X, ASA5506H-X, ASA5506W-X, ASA5508-X, ASA5516-X is an *.lfbff file.
    • For Firepower Threat Defense on Saleen (ASA5512-X, ASA5515-X, ASA5525-X, ASA5545-X, ASA5555-X) is a *.cdisk file.
    • System image – This is a .pkg file.
  • Verify the free space:
    • FTD5508X# show flash | i free
    • FTD5508X# show module
  • Upgrade the rommon file:
    • FTD5508X# copy ftp://[IP]/[Path] disk0:asa5500-firmware-1118.SPA
    • FTD5508X# upgrade rommon disk0:asa5500-firmware-1118.SPA
  • Reload the device then Copy the boot image file using ftp:
    • ciscoasa# copy ftp://[IP]/ftd-boot-
    • ciscoasa# delete flash:asa*
    • Reload

While booting, Use BREAK or ESC to interrupt boot:


rommon #0> ADDRESS= [Int IP]

rommon #1> SERVER= [tftp IP]

rommon #2> GATEWAY= [GW IP]

rommon #3> IMAGE=ftd-boot-

rommon 7 > sync


Updating NVRAM Parameters…


rommon 8 > tftpdnld


After boot, set the initial configuration:

  • firepower-boot> system install


Finally, the device will install the image and will be rebooted.





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