Cisco SLR (Specific License Reservation)

Cisco SLR (Specific License Reservation)


Cisco SLR License (Specific License Reservation) applies in extremely secure networks to use smart licenses with no chance for connection to Cisco Smart Software Manager service (SSM). The Customer Smart Account must be entitled for License Reservation and the product instance is able to consume the reserved licenses without communicating usage information to SSM.

Registered devices with smart licenses share their data at regular intervals with Cisco Smart Software Manager (SSM) while devices that are deployed in an extremely secure network must not share the device information externally in any circumstances. License reservation is offered here as an on-request configuration for these devices.

License reservation contains partial or no functionality to certain Smart licensing features such as moving licenses between products, license usage, asset management and etc.



Specific License Reservation (SLR) allows reservation of specific licenses, including add-on licenses. First license reservation should be requested for the Smart Account. After response is received from the licensing support team, proceed with the next steps.

To reserve specific licenses for a device, first enter the generated request code from device in Cisco SSM along with the required licenses and their quantity and finally generate an authorization code. Enter the authorization code on the device to map the license to the Unique Device Identifier (UDI).

To reserve specific licenses for a stack configuration first generate a request code for each member in the stack then Generate individual authorization codes for each of the request codes and after that Register each member of the stack with the generated authorization code.

To reserve specific licenses for modular switches first generate request codes for the supervisor module and chassis module separately then Enter the request code in Cisco SSM and select the required licenses (Network license for the supervisor module and Cisco DNA license for the chassis module) and generate authorization codes. Eventually, register the supervisor module and the chassis module with the respective authorization codes.

For a Quad-Supervisor with RPR setup, generate authorization codes separately for the two chassis. Chassis 1 needs an authorization code with 2 Network licenses (for the two supervisor modules in Chassis 1) and 1 DNA license (for Chassis 1), and Chassis 2 needs another authorization code with 2 Network licenses (for the two supervisor modules in Chassis 2) and 1 DNA license (for Chassis 2)


Requesting License Reservation for Your Smart Account

To request license reservation to your Smart Account in Cisco Smart Software Manager, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Support Case Manager.
  2. Click OPEN NEW CASE
  3. Select Software Licensing

The licensing team will contact you to start the process or for any additional information.


Registering a Device with Cisco SLR

License reservation is enabled through the CLI with the following Command:

Device(config)#license smart reservation enable


Configuring the License Level

This procedure is optional. Use this procedure to:

  • Downgrade or upgrade licenses.
  • Enable or disable an evaluation or extension license.
  • Clear an upgrade license.

Configure the required license levels on the device before registering. The following are the license levels that are available for the Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switches:

Base Licenses

  • Network Essentials
  • Network Advantage (includes Network Essentials)

Add-on licenses—These can be subscribed for a fixed term of 3, 5, or 7 years.

  • Cisco Digital Networking Architecture (DNA) Essentials
  • Cisco DNA Advantage (includes DNA Essentials)


Example: Device(config)# license boot level network-advantage




Generating a Request Code from a Device

After SLR is enabled, you must generate a request code from the device.

Example:         Device# license smart reservation request [all | local]


What to do next

Reserving a license in Cisco SSM. For verifying the License Status After Generating Request Code

use the show license reservation command:

Device# show license reservation


Reserving a License in Cisco SSM

Step 1 Log in to the Cisco SSM from

Log in to the Cisco SSM using the username and password provided by Cisco.

Step 2 Click the Inventory tab.
Step 3 From the Virtual Account drop-down list, choose your virtual account.
Step 4 Click the Licenses tab.
Step 5 Click License Reservation.

Specific License Reservation


The Smart License Reservation window is displayed. The Enter Request Code tab is selected by default.

Step 6 In the Reservation Request Code field, enter the request code.
Step 7 Click Next.



The Select Licenses tab is displayed.

Step 9  In the Quantity to Reserve field, enter the numeral 1 adjacent to the required license. The Quantity to Reserve field allows the reservation of only one license at a time.

Step 10 Click next.

Cisco SLR


The Review and confirm tab is displayed.


Step 11 Click Generate Authorization Code.

Cisco SLR Activation

The Authorization Code tab is displayed.


Step 12 After the authorization code is generated, click Copy to Clipboard to copy the authorization, or Download as File to download the file and save it to the Flash drive or TFTP server.
cisco smart licensing configuration
Cisco SLR

Device Registration

Register a device with authorization code.

Device# license smart reservation install file {flash:filename | tftp://filepath}


Verifying the License Status After Registering the Device with Authorization Code

To verify the license status after registration, use the show license reservation command:

Device# show license reservation




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