VQ Conference Manager

VQ Conference Manager

VQ Conference Manager

VQ conference manager unlocks the potential of your Cisco meeting server and delivers over a billion calls every year and underpins some of the largest Cisco meeting service systems on the planet.

Today you would do a lot of collaboration with colleagues, partners and customers. So, every meeting should be effortless and reliable and empower your people to spend more time on what they’re best at. Your Cisco meeting server can scale from thousands to tens of thousands.

VQ conference manager plus Cisco CMS can accelerate deployment, drive adoption, control and measure results all straight out-of-the-box. You can get your service up and running fast and keep your service up to date as people join, leave and move roles.

VQ conference manager automatically provisions users and their virtual meeting spaces. Active Directory system create tiered services based on people’s needs and automatically notify participants the details they need to get started. It increases take-up of your video conferencing platform by enabling fully self-service calls.

VQ conference manager enables users to control meetings from the familiar surroundings of outlook including Mac OS and even iPhones. Predefined call templates and meeting space settings delivered consistent and reliable in call experience every time.

You can use VQ conference manager to run your Cisco meeting server in flexible ways that suit your organization. Moreover, you are able to define call types for different people or groups, make them passcode secure, provide them a single operator screen and monitor and manage active calls Using dashboards enables to keep tabs on performance in real time providing a more in-depth look at how your business is using this system.

VQ conference manager’s analytics show you how your service is performing. You can use ready-made reports and the tools to create more of your own to understand how your conference platform is being used. It proactively identifies where you could improve the service and demonstrate the return on investment.

VQ conference manager enables you to deliver the effortless and reliable collaboration experience that empowers your people that do more their best work. So whether you’re planning to start with 10 users in grow to 100 or go from 10,000 and 100,000, you know VQ conference manager can come with you and your new journey.

This software gives you the peace of mind that comes with using an established proven platform unleash the full potential of your Cisco meeting server.

VQ Self-service tools

Using the VQ conference manager enable end users to manage their Cisco Meeting Server calls and Spaces direct from Outlook 2016/2019 and Office 365 on Windows and macOS tools. Individuals can create or remove meeting Spaces, update Space settings and change their PINs.

And when a call is live, they can see who’s joined and control audio and video settings. Organizations using older versions of Outlook can access certain features using the VQ Outlook Plug-in.

Moreover, if your organization uses Cisco Jabber, VQ Conference Manager’s meeting Space and call-control features can be accessed through the Jabber desktop app.  Moreover, you can enable your conferencing users to control their calls and meeting Spaces on-the-go, with the VQ iPhone app.

The combination of the iOS app and Outlook integration gives your employees the convenience of managing their conferencing wherever they are, on their device of choice. For added flexibility, VQ Conference Manager also includes a browser-based portal where users can again manage their meeting Spaces, schedule calls and control their in-flight conferences.



You are able to Understand how your Cisco Meeting Server conferencing service is performing and plan for the future, using class-leading Elasticsearch and Kibana analytics. Using the Elasticsearch analytics engine with Kibana reporting, you can see exactly how your service is performing and how people are using it.

Also, with audio and video conferencing becoming an ever-larger and more important part of your organization, it’s crucial you have an analytics platform capable of growing with you. Elasticsearch and Kibana are proven to deliver high performance and resilience at enormous scale.

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