What is Cisco Edge Platform?

What is Cisco Edge Platform

What is Cisco Edge Platform?

So what is Edge Platform? Today fast secure and reliable connections to the cloud are more important than ever. Yet most of organizations are still using routers that were built before the cloud era. Well, that’s a problem! Because routers alone can’t observe the highly distributed network that is the internet and secure its traffic. Plus, they are not able to run the necessary throughput and encryption needed for a solid experience. As a result, many businesses are left unprepared.

Cisco Catalyst 8000 Edge Platform Family

Cisco Catalyst 8000 edge platforms family offers cloud networking visibility and security capabilities in a single device to better connect your business regardless of how simple or complex your IT architecture may be.

Catalyst 8000 Edge Platform

Cisco Catalyst 8500 series edge platforms are powerful one rack unit devices pack 100Gig and 40Gig ports to connect your SD-WAN core campus and co-locations to the cloud. Cisco’s third generation quantum flow processor ASIC, delivers up to 33 Gbps in Cisco SD-WAN and 8000 VPN tunnels to the cloud.    These platforms benefit from larger processing course, a dedicated on-chip crypto engine and deeper memory to deliver both high performance and large-scale services such as IPSEC, NAT, Zone-based firewall and DPI.

Cisco Catalyst 8000

The lighter C8500L brings together the power of x86 architecture with an innovative software flow-based distribution architecture that delivers rich performance and scale at the low end of the aggregation portfolio.

Catalyst 8000 edge platform

C8200 and C8300 Differences

At the branch edges, Cisco Catalyst 8300 and 8200 series edge platforms come equipped with a multi-core system on a chip architecture for dynamic core allocations. That means you can assign compute to the data plane or control plane as needed.

These devices offer 10Gig, 2.5Gig and 1Gig ports with up to five Gigabits of SD-WAN traffic and 6000 IPSEC tunnels. They also support power over Ethernet and have PIM slots so you can add capabilities like multi-gigabit cellular routing or 5G SD-WAN. For branches that don’t have a lot of physical space, it’s nice that Cisco Catalyst 8000 condenses point products into one edge platform running full stack security such as IPS, IDS, enterprise firewall, malware defenses and URL filtering delivered on-premises or in the cloud.

The Catalyst 8000 also offers cloud and virtual options by introducing the Catalyst 8200 uCPE as a compute platform offering network functions and virtualization on trustworthy Cisco hardware. Enterprises can deploy routing, switching, WAN optimization and other network and security services in your SD-branch environment with a 4 Terabyte hard drive and up to 64 gigabits of DRAM.

Moreover, for a cloud edge platform, there’s the Catalyst 8000v which is able to run in is environments like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud. That means you can connect your cloud network to on-premises locations with up to 10 gigabits of IPSec throughput along with cloud scale performance and automated self-service.


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