What is Cisco EPN Manager?

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What is cisco EPN manager

What is Cisco EPN Manager?

As a service provider you face significant challenges when addressing the ever-increasing demand for a cohesive network of converged carrier Ethernet and optical transport technologies. These complex networks comprise multiple domains with multiple layers of different technologies. This scenario can cause:

  • complex end-to-end service provisioning.
  • A lack of transparency and exchange of information among the layers and domains of the network in the shared infrastructure over-provisioning can occur because bandwidth resources are not optimized.
  • This lack of transparency can also make it difficult for the network to adapt dynamically to changing customer requirements.

At the same time, you are striving to meet such critical path goals as:

  • Realizing increased revenue while reducing operational expenses through straightforward and efficient service provisioning and deployment.
  • Optimizing service delivery across the network
  • Managing traffic and session growth effectively while economically managing unpredictable network capacity requirements.

Cisco’s solution to resolving complex Network scenarios while supporting the key goals of service providers is Cisco Evolved Programmable Network or EPN manager. A single end-to-end network deployment, provisioning and assurance management system, Cisco EPN manager provides program ability and automation in a consistent logical framework. This framework allows EPN manager to address varied system use cases and network characteristics efficiently and effectively. Cisco EPN managers architectural design leverages the intelligence of the network transparently through abstraction. It also delivers industry best practice provisioning configurations that address complex scenarios greatly simplifying provisioning processes while accelerating processing timelines. Cisco EPN managers design and implementation means in one product you can achieve:

  • A readily adaptable network regardless of back-end configurations
  • An efficient responsive network regardless of network or service complexity
  • A single, holistic view of the network, regardless of users’ roles or customer requirements
  • A seamless user experience regardless of tasks

All leading to transparent seamless and timely support of your customers’ demands. Cisco EPN manager supports service providers who manage carrier Ethernet and optical transport networks using OTN DWDM technologies. Cisco has focused on these specific network types to help you through the challenges that you face when managing these converged networks. Because cisco EPN manager is an end-to-end network deployment, provisioning and assurance management solution in a single product, it supports the tasks that various users perform including network operators, administrators, configurators and developers. Using cisco EPN manager in carrier Ethernet scenarios, operators can provision and manage Metro Ethernet forum or MEF 2.0 services including E-LAN, E-LINE, E-Access, E-Tree and Layer 3 VPN.

It also provides Ethernet connectivity fault management and Y.1731-based Ethernet performance probes for proactive service assurance. Once probes are active in the network EPN manager collects their metrics. Using Cisco EPN manager for optical transport, operators can provision and manage OTN DWDM technologies centered on the Cisco NCS or Cisco ASR 9000 product family.

In OTN scenarios, operators can provision and manage circuit types including optical channel data unit or ODU tunnels and ODU user to network interfaces or UNIs. In DWDM scenarios operators can provision and manage circuit types including optical channel or OCH trails, optical channel client connections or OCH CCs and optical channel network connections or OCH NCs.

There are two key concepts that allow Cisco EPN manager to support multi-technology networks. First, data model and model-driven architecture. Cisco EPN manager’s single database and information model unifies network visibility. General deployment and management tasks can now occur in end-to-end task-based workflows. Referring to one data model means a seamless view of the network regardless of configuration and seamless processes to manage the network and administer the system.

Cisco EPN managers model-driven architecture decouples the architectural platform which executes the business logic from the content which defines the business logic based on the technologies and business scenarios that the platform executes. This architecture means that technology and business support is separated from fundamental system deployment, operation, management and administration. The architectural platform comprises the element management system or EMS layer and the network management system or NMS layer which resides on top of the EMS layer.

Cisco EPN Manager

The EMS layer is responsible for device communication and f caps management. The NMS layer is responsible for the network provisioning and network assurance functions. Content packs deliver the technology specific functions. Content packs span the layers on the architectural platform using the core functionality that the platform provides while defining the business logic that supports the technology. In the case of Cisco EPN manager, the content packs Support Carrier Ethernet and optical transport specific technology scenarios such as deploying E-Line services or provisioning and to end DWDM circuits.

A significant advantage to this architecture is its inherent flexibility to support additional and evolving technologies. When additions or updates occur, a Content pack update can happen independently of the platform and without manual integration. And because content packs refer to the underlying EMS and NMS functions on the architectural platform, Cisco EPN manager automatically updates the applicable operational and interface functions that are required to support the changes.

On the business side, this method of addressing technology changes means that you can bring new services to market quickly. And platform upgrades and minor platform updates can happen independently with little operational impact.

Cisco EPN manager arrives already installed on an open virtual appliance or OVA and is sized for your network requirements. At that point you can start the OVA and follow the startup process. On completion, you can log into EPN manager and prepare the system for use. Regardless of how it combines carry your Ethernet and optical transport technologies yours is one network. By decoupling technology from platform functions and applying a unified data model, Cisco Evolved Programmable Network Manager is your one product to support the deployment provisioning and assurance of your network.

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