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Cisco SLR License

Cisco SLR License

Cisco SLR License

With the Cisco Smart Licensing, devices that are registered with smart licenses share device information at regular intervals with Cisco Smart Software Manager (SSM). At the same time, products that are deployed in a highly secure network must not share the device information externally. To address this challenge, Cisco offers SLR license (Specific License Reservation) as an on-request configuration for these devices.

To reserve specific licenses for a device, you need to first generate a request code from the device. Then, enter the request code in Cisco SSM along with the required licenses and their quantity, and copy the generated authorization code into the device within the CLI command. After this procedure, all specific features that are included in your license would be activated on the device.


Please note that functionality to certain smart licensing features such as transfer of licenses between products, license usage, asset management and etc., might not working with SLR licenses.

Most newly introduced Cisco devices supports SLR licensing. You can find these devices in the following list from Cisco License:



Finally, Specified License Reservations can be used by any customer and on any smart account once Cisco approves them. Although, to avoid this, customers can use Permanent Licenses Reservation or Cisco PLR licenses which requires no approval from Cisco. Plus, it can register all product instances permanently and with full capabilities.