NCS 1000 Series

Cisco NCS 1000 License

Cisco NCS 1000 license

As data center capacity continues to grow rapidly the transition to 100 gig Ethernet is imminent and there is a persistent need for complete automation. The NCS 1000 is the industry's first DWDM transport platform that can deliver 1Tbps or 2Tb duplex per rack unit.

The NCS 1000 solution combines a number of key innovations in a unique mechanical design.250G DWDM line rate, enabling CFP2 and Cisco's iOS XR operating system. It can provide scale operational efficiency using 96 channels of 250G, the system can scale up to 24Tbps in a conventional 50GHz DWDM system.

This capacity can be delivered in 24RU of space at less than 0.4w per Gigabit resulting in a 60% reduction in space and power compared to legacy core in solutions.

Cisco NCS 1000 can also offer flexibility by delivering 10,40 and 100G Ethernet on the same box. It also provides 100,200 and 250G DWM for metro to long-haul transport options. With CFP2 based optics, exceptional thermal efficiency but also “Pay-As-You-Grow” model can be achieved.

Automation with iOS XR software enables to automate installation using NetBoot, automate configuration through YANG models or a range of different transport and encoding options and automate monitoring through streaming telemetry.

All of this is achieved without losing simplicity and resiliency for those who prefer CLI, a simple CLI interface is provided. A headless mode of operation and multiple hard disks are supported to provide resiliency against controller card failures LLDP snooping and a locator beacon are supported to simplify connectivity verification in the data center.

The NCS 1000 has data center operators simplify and automate operations while scaling with extreme flexibility resulting in new benchmarks of possible bid.Cisco NCS 1000 liense

Cisco NCS Licenses

Models and Features:

NCS 1K MD32 filters

NCS 1K MD32 add-drop modules are passive 1RU rack-mounted add-drop filters. The modules are available in ODD and EVEN 150-GHz spaced 32-channel options and can allow for 64x 400ZR/400ZRP designs or 32x 800ZR/ZRP designs in the future.

Cisco NCS 1000 License 

Currently, Cisco supports hybrid licensing for NCS 1000 series router. Either PAK and smart licenses can be used for instance's registration.  

Cisco NCS 1000 Smart License

By using Cisco smart licenses, all licenses can be ordered and managed in the centralized platform. So, using NCS 1000 router smart licenses can be purchased by a person’s or corporation’s smart account in the CSSM, then all product instances could be registered with connecting to CSSM through internet or a proxy server.  

Cisco NCS 1000 gives you the opportunity for interconnecting data and computing capabilities. Our team is ready to provide complete information about the prices and ways of order which fit your needs.

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