Cisco MDS 9300 Switches

Cisco MDS 9300 License
Cisco MDS 9300 License

The Cisco MDS 9300 series family Switch is the next generation of the high performance, high density and highly reliable Cisco MDS Series Fabric switches. It combines high performance with exceptional flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Cisco MDS Licenses

MDS 9300 Models of MDS 9300

The Cisco MDS 9396S 16G Multilayer Fabric is a powerful, compact, 2-rack-unit (2RU) switch scales from 48 to 96 line-rate 16-Gbps Fibre Channel ports. The Cisco MDS 9396S is excellent for A standalone SAN in large departmental storage environments, A middle-of-row or top-of-rack switch in medium-sized redundant fabrics or an edge switch in enterprise data center core-edge topologies.

The Cisco MDS 9396S empowered by Cisco NX-OS Software and delivers advanced storage networking features and functions with ease of management and compatibility with the entire Cisco MDS 9000 Family portfolio for reliable end-to-end connectivity.

The Cisco MDS 9396T 32-Gbps 96-Port 2-rack unit Fibre Channel Switch provides high-speed Fibre Channel connectivity in the SAN. This switch offers extensive analytics and high capability built into its next-generation Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) platform.

Cisco MDS Licenses

MDS 9300 Benefits

Cisco MDS 9300 License 

All Cisco MDS 9300 devices support hybrid licensing meaning that customer can either use a traditional license, such as PAK, or smart licenses. 

Cisco MDS 9300 Smart License  

In smart licensing, all product instances need to be registered on the Cisco smart software management website. Also, specific licenses have to ordered with a smart account and placed into inventory. Then, by connecting the device to the Internet or a proxy server, the product instances should be activated.  

Please don’t hesitate to ask us the prices and orders. There are different ways that you can pick according to your demand. Our team tries its best to achieve your trust and satisfaction.

Part Number Description Cisco Official Price Our Price Discount Price

C220M4S Std1w/2xE52630v3,4x16GB,VIC1227,16Gb FC,MDS9396s.

$44831.00 View More

C240M4SX Std1w/2xE52630v3,8x16GB,VIC1227,16Gb FC,MDS9396s.

$48006.00 View More

C220M4S Adv1w/2xE52680v3,8x16GB,VIC1227, 16Gb FC,MDS9396s.

$52704.00 View More

C240M4SX Adv1w/2xE52680v3,8x32GB,VIC1227, 16Gb FC,MDS9396s.

$57553.00 View More

Cisco MDS 9396S 16G Switch; 48 enabled ports, 48x16G SW SFP.

$36251.60 View More
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