Cisco MDS 9700 Switches

Cisco MDS 9700 License  
Cisco MDS 9700 License

The Cisco MDS 9700 switches provide industry’s unique multi-protocol and multi-speed architecture. The directors offer switch native, integrated analytics and telemetry at line range using 32Gb Fibre Channel module.

This capability makes network productive and proactive in resolving problems. The Cisco MDS 9700 provides more than a decade of investment protection for every business.

Cisco MDS Licenses

Models and Features

The Cisco MDS 9706 Multilayer Director brings superior performance, scalability, multiprotocol convergence, integrated analytics, and enterprise-grade availability to data center SANs in a compact form factor.

It is an ideal candidate for deployment in small to medium-sized data center storage environments as well as pod-based converged solutions for the cloud. The Cisco MDS 9706 switch is designed to meet the performance and scalability needs of the most demanding SANs today and well into the future, while also lowering TCO. It offers:

Integrated analytics on 32G module

The Cisco MDS 9710 Multilayer director consists of 16Gb Fibre channel module which provides 2/4/8/10/16Gbps Fibre channel speeds, 10/40Gbps FCoE module and 10/24 SAN extension modules provides high speed extension across long distance.

This multi-speed architecture of MDS 9700 switch enables seamless transition to 32G Fibre Channel within the same chassis in the data center additionally the MDS 9700 directors provides readiness for future protocols evolution like NVMe over Fibre Channel. FCoE ports support transport of iSCSI as well as NVMe traffic over the same shared network.

Cisco MDS 9700 License  
Cisco MDS 9700 License

The Cisco MDS 9718 Multilayer Director provides superior performance, scalability, multiprotocol convergence, and enterprise-grade availability in your data center SAN. Our newest director offers the industry’s highest port density with 768 line-rate 32Gbps Fibre Channel ports and NVMe over Fibre Channel support.

Bye using the 9718 director, you can easily connect a Cisco MDS-based SAN infrastructure to large converged networks with multihop FCoE. The operating system and management interface are the same as all other Cisco data center switches. The MDS 9718 meets the stringent requirements of large virtualized storage environments by empowering from following features:

Cisco MDS 9700 License  

Cisco MDS 9700 switch supports hybrid licensing meaning that all product instances could be activated either by traditional or smart licenses.  

Cisco MDS 9700 Smart License 

Cisco MDS 9700 smart licenses could be ordered and purchased through Cisco smart software management website. Then by connecting to the Internet, all product instances would be activated.  

If you are searching for something with creative qualities that supports private and virtualized data centers, this the product that can be suitable for you. Find out more information about the price and order by contacting us.

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Enterprise Package License for 1 MDS9700 Switch.

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