Cisco Prime Infrastructure


Cisco Prime Infrastructure provides network monitoring which comprise a broad range of activities. Monitoring the network infrastructure our devices and their components running.

In fact monitoring the network involves every aspect of ensuring that the network infrastructure is operating efficiently and is expected. The network can meet user requests and respond to varying demands and the network meets operational and business requirements.  Recognizing the range of cisco prime infrastructure monitoring capabilities, key data analysis tools and the underlying system processes that collect network data will help you manage your monitoring tasks more efficiently and effectively.


Prime Infrastructure


From wired and wireless devices on the network to computer devices in the data center you can monitor at as high or granular a level as you need. Summary views and aggregate data let you see devices in a broader context or you can access highly detailed device and performance information about network and computer devices down to the component levels, such as wired device details including modules ports and interfaces. Wireless device details including interfaces, clients, mesh and security and computer device details including the schematic, cluster, server and module information.


 with application  visibility and control functionality  you’ll have insight into network user  activity and the applications that  they’re running and you can track the  end-user experience from a summary  performance level down to the detailed  client and user level including session  details and history application usage  and user identification. When monitoring Wireless aspects of network operations you can evaluate such factors as radio frequency(RF) interferes and signal coverage problems reported by radio resource management(RRM). Context-aware data which reports the location information of mobility assets including rogue devices clients and tagged assets and security factors such as top issues, rogue activity and potential attacks.


For  all of the performance monitoring  aspects of the system from the  infrastructure to applications to  clients and users prime infrastructure  reports faults that might be causing  Network impacts. Fault monitoring includes collecting all of the syslog events, SNMP trap events and system generated events that occur based on polling and on reporting thresholds.


Administrators can monitor network performance and evaluate faults designated. Users also can perform similar monitoring of the prime infrastructure platform itself including the server, database and API health and statistics.


General network infrastructure performance data are available on the network summary dashboards which present summary and aggregate data on aspects of the overall network. You can get an overview of general network metrics and alarm event and syslog summaries on the overview dashboards. You can see high-level wired and wireless device reachability, resource usage, coverage areas, network device level summaries and interface level summaries.


Wireless Network Monitoring

 Wireless technology monitoring by using tools available on the monitor menu radio resource management(RRM) provides continuous monitoring of all neighboring wireless lightweight access points or Apes and reports their performance statistics. By using CleanAir technology the system reports on the non 802.11 devices such as microwave ovens or Bluetooth devices that are causing radio frequency interference which you can monitor on. The interferer’s page CleanAir technology requires that the access points that you deploy support clean air to locate interferers on sitemaps the system must include at least one mobility services engine (MSE).


Wireless Compute Devices

for detailed information on the devices in the data center you can navigate to compute devices accessible on the monitor and inventory menus the compute resources list provides access to all of the resources and devices that provide or support compute capability you can monitor virtual elements on which the hypervisor such as a VMware ESXi is reporting on the data centers, clusters, hosts and virtual machines. The data that the VM hypervisor such as the ESXi Center collects is summarized on the data center dashboard.

The dashboard reports metrics on hosts, such as host’s usage by CPUs and on virtual machines such as VM statuses and the number of VMs by operating system and resources, compute resources and host CPU and resource usage.


Monitoring application usage and Traffic

Prime infrastructure reports application-specific data on various dashboards in the overview category on. You can monitor clients, servers, application bandwidth consumption and response times an application server performance. You can also monitor video application and telephony information such as real time protocol (RTP), streams transporting the most traffic and experiencing the most jitter and packet loss and those sites reporting the worst voice experience based on the mean opinion score or moss on the services menu.


Monitoring Network Access

Prime Infrastructure reports client and user specific data on various dashboards in the overview category. you can monitor summary  information about the wired and wireless  clients connected to the network including the distribution of Associated clients based on the protocols that they used to connect their extensible  authentication protocol or EAP types and  their authentication types which helps  you determine the number of wired and  wireless devices and their connection  methods the speed distribution of wired  clients which provides insight into the  type of wired clients that you have and  their bandwidth requirements this  information.

Also can help administrators size the network appropriately a summary list of the active client related alarms including wired client alarms related to the 802.1x group of networking protocols and a subset of wireless alarms. Alarms are current as of the last time that the system refreshed the data client traffic and client posture status which reports the client endpoints that are in or out of compliance with the rules configured on the Cisco Identity Services Engine that authorizes client access to the network and the most used Wireless LAN services.


 When the network includes one or more Cisco Identity Services engines (ISE) for client and endpoint authentication, prime infrastructure can collect additional information about clients.



Monitoring Faults and Events

Faults and events report changing conditions on the network and its devices can indicate when conditions require additional or more immediate attention because fault reporting is a key monitoring feature and can escalate critical changes. Cisco Prime Infrastructure reports that information in many areas of the application to call more immediate attention to alarms that are occurring. the system provides an alarm indicator on the application banner which displays the number of alarms with the highest severity that are currently active you can click the indicator to open the alarm summary which lists all of the active alarms such as critical major or minor in each alarm category for efficient navigation to the item or items of interest.



Cisco Prime Infrastructure also collects and reports application data from the devices that it manages this way you can monitor and manage various types of network traffic and performance data. NetFlow is a network protocol that the system uses to collect and deliver IP traffic characteristics from devices which indicate how and where traffic is traversing the network to support. NetFlow reporting devices are configured as NetFlow exporters so that they can send data to Prime Infrastructure the system then captures the information in its embedded NetFlow collector when the configuration integrates network analysis modules or names.

Prime infrastructure can collect and correlate network and application metrics calculated by the names to collect data. The system sends a Rask request by using XML to each names REST API. This approach supports detailed analysis of traffic movement and bandwidth usage, and more efficient monitoring of changing Network more easily recognize applications on which the system is reporting prime infrastructure relies on the network based application recognition (NBAR) technology that is embedded in routers, controllers and NAMs.

 The NBAR engines on the devices execute deep packet inspection (DPIs) to recognize applications and to send the system application identifiers and application statistics from the devices.


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