Cisco 8000 series routers

Cisco 8000 Routers License

By introducing 5G, video traffic, connected devices and security threats are growing. So, economics of networking is facing serious problems plus increased network complexity is deriving network operation’s costs up. Cisco Silicon One supports 10.8Tbps bandwidth threshold, an industry’s first with no compromises on performance and scalability.

Cisco 8000 Routers License

Moreover, Modular and purpose-built IOS XR7 makes customers operations simpler and more flexible with programmability features and Open API support services to meet any customer’s needs.

New Cisco 8000 series routers are highly scalable, deep-buffered, on-chip High Bandwidth Memory (HBM), 400G-optimized routers that range from 10.8 to 12.8Tbps in a 1 RU form factor and are available in an industry-leading, rack-mountable modular system that is capable of 260Tbps of full-duplex, line rate forwarding. Our innovations across silicon, optics, software, and systems facilitate high performance, high bandwidth, and low-power consumption without sacrificing any of the features service providers require.

These routers Lower your network costs with breakthrough density and unprecedented scale and efficiency, so you can consolidate routers and reduce the total number of ports and optics. Plus, you can deploy terabits per second of routing capacity with service provider–class functionality and high availability, while dramatically reducing per-bandwidth power consumption.

Cisco Router Licenses

Models and Specification

Cisco 8100 Router is a fixed platform with up to 12.8-Tbps of capacity and optimized to reduce rack space and power costs. These routers support verity of port combinations such as 32xQSFP28 100GbE, 32xQSFP56-DD 400GbE and 64xQSFP28 100GbE in 1 RU (Cisco 8101) or 2 RU (Cisco 8102) form factor.

Cisco 8000 Routers


Cisco 8200 Router is A fixed platform with 10.8-Tbps of capacity for deployment in space and power constrained facilities. These routers support 12/24 QSFP56-DD 400GbE ports in 1 RU (Cisco 8201) or 2 RU (Cisco 8202) form factor.

Cisco 8000

Cisco 8800 Router is a high performance, high density modular platform with up to 259.2-Tbps of capacity that can consolidate the number of routers needed and reduce overall complexity. These routers support verity of port combinations such as 36xQSFP56-DD 400GbE, 48xQSFP28 100GbE with MACsec in 16 RU (8 slots), 21 RU (12 slots), 33 RU (18 slots) chassis.

Cisco 8000 Routers

Cisco 8000 Series Routers License

Cisco 8000 series routers licenses can be only applied on these platform using Cisco smart licenses. cisco router licenses can be purchased and transported to a specific smart account. Then, the devices can register their product instances by connecting to the Cisco smart software management website using an Internet connection or a proxy server. Smart licensing makes it possible to monitor, manage and re-host available licenses using a centralized platform called CSSM.


Cisco 8000 series are available in Cisco 8100 and Cisco 8200 and Cisco 8800 series routers.

These routers operate with Cisco IOS XR7 OS enables enterprise and carrier grade routing capabilities for businesses.

Part Number Description Cisco Official Price Our Price Discount Price

Cisco 8808 8-slot System

Cisco Router 8000 Series

$35098.00 View More

Cisco 8812 12-slot System

Cisco Router 8000 Series

$50140.00 View More

Cisco 8818 18-slot System

Cisco Router 8000 Series

$81478.00 View More

Cisco 8202 2 RU Chassis with 12×400 GbE QSFP56-DD and 60×100 GbE QSFP28 and 32 GB of DRAM

Cisco Router 8000 Series

$249590.00 View More

Cisco 8201 1 RU Chassis with 24×400 GbE QSFP56-DD and 12x100G QSFP28 and 32 GB DRAM

Cisco Router 8000 Series

$225970.00 View More
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