Cisco Catalyst 8000 Series Edge Platforms

Cisco Catalyst 8000 License

In today’s unpredictable ever-changing world, it’s more important than ever your organization needs to make better more secure connections as more and more workforces become remote and applications move to the cloud. The Cisco Catalyst 8000 edge platforms family designed for an intent-based network.

The SD-WAN ready catalyst 8000 means a fully connected user experience with networking and security combined and the flexibility to deploy any service on premise or in the cloud. It provides better optimization for hybrid and multi-cloud applications agility, visibility and analytics to make informed decisions even across cloud data center and edge locations.

But most importantly it means your organization will stay connected no matter where you are in the world, even though the rest of the world will continue to change all around it. Cisco Catalyst 8000 switches provides advanced features such as industry-leading performance and automation for SD-WAN, multi-cloud onramp, 5G Wireless WAN and SASE architectures.

An open and fully programmable software architecture with API support provides automation at scale to achieve zero-touch IT capabilities while migrating workloads to the cloud and enables a distributed analytics architecture with support for container-based apps and third-party ecosystem partners. In the case of multi-cloud connectivity, this family would Support a diverse set of container-based applications and third-party cloud ecosystem partners.

Also, these switches will protect the network with advanced, multilayered security providing application-aware enterprise firewall, IPS, URL filter, layer 2 encryption, and continuous DNS monitoring. All above features would be activated after registration with the Cisco Catalyst 8000 license on Cisco smart software management website.

The Cisco Catalyst 8000 series Edge Platform family consists of three models: The c8200 Series Edge Platform, the c8200 Series Edge uCPE, the c8300 Series Edge Platform, the Cisco Catalyst 8500 Series Edge Platform, the c8000v Edge Software.


Cisco Catalyst 8000

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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Architecture

SASE technology use the widespread connectivity of cloud technology to combine SD-WAN with network security functions and offers a convenient, agile, cost-effective and scalable SaaS product for networking and security. By supporting for Cisco Umbrella cloud security services, it enables customers to have flexibility to deliver security and networking services together from the cloud or on premises, powered by Cisco SD-WAN. For using this, first you need to register your devices using the C8000 license.

Software-Defined WAN

Now you can have up to four times better performance for SD-WAN services with dynamic compute resource allocation on the Catalyst 8200, 8200 uCPE and 8300 Series. The all-new third-generation Cisco Quantum Flow Processor packs more encryption and SD-WAN tunnel performance in the Catalyst 8500 Series which enables SD-WAN, like enhanced segmentation, application optimization, and Cloud On-Ramp capabilities.

Secure Remote Access

These switches will provide flexible connectivity, distributed inspection, and centralized policy enforcement based on roles and identity of users and devices readies 5G-enabled networks.

Cisco Catalyst 8000 License

Like all recently announced members of Cisco Catalyst Family, all Cisco Catalyst 8000 product instances (in Autonomous mode) would be activated using a Cisco smart license token generated from CSSM website. Also for Cisco offline licensing, customers can use the Cisco Catalyst 8000 PLR license (Permanent License Reservation) to activate all premier features on the device permanently and without any Internet connection.

In other hand, for devices operating in Cisco IOS XE SD-WAN, Cisco smart licensing is not supported and all SD-WAN features including crypto throughput, should be enabled using Cisco DNA subscriptions.

Cisco Catalyst 8000 Order Pricing

If you want to find the features of Cisco Catalyst 8000 suitable for your job, you can get details about the price and order by contacting our professionals via “order now” link.


Generally, Cisco Catalyst 8000 edge platforms is a replacement for Cisco ISR routers and can be used as a cEdge in Cisco SD-WAN architecture.

Cisco Catalyst 8000 can operate both Cisco IOS XE and IOS XE SD-WAN operating system.

Cisco Catalyst 8000v License
Cisco Catalyst 8200 Edge Platform License
8200 UCPE
8200 UCPE
Cisco Catalyst 8200 uCPE Edge Platform License
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Cisco Catalyst 8500 Edge Platform License
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