Cisco Catalyst 8200 Series Edge uCPE

Cisco Catalyst 8200 uCPE License
Cisco Catalyst 8200 uCPE License

The Cisco Catalyst 8200 Series Edge uCPE which stands for Universal Customer Premises Equipment is made for branch virtualization, letting consolidation of network and security features. This product also eases network management and provides fewer truck rolls for delivery of add-on services.

Cisco Catalyst 8200 Series Edge uCPE is the next-generation of the Cisco ENCS 5100 Series and can be used as a foundational for branch virtualization by combining routing, switching and application hosting into a compact device.

Cisco provides an end-to-end virtualization solution with Cisco’s own hypervisor Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure Software (NFVIS), Routing Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), and multiple orchestration choices. Note that for enabling mentioned features, Cisco Catalyst 8200 uPCE license should be applied first.

This product enables hardware acceleration for IPsec crypto traffic for branches to run multiple VNFs. This platform includes one Network Interface Module (NIM) slot for additional WAN and LAN modules as well as a Pluggable Interface Module (PIM) slot for wireless WAN modules for LTE Advanced and LTE Advanced Pro capabilities.

It also supports the Cisco Managed Services Accelerator (MSX), Network Services Orchestrator (NSO), and vManage which provide simplifications for network and NFV management and orchestration for both SD-WAN and traditional deployments.


Cisco Catalyst 8000 License

Product Highlights

The Cisco Catalyst 8200 Edge uCPE is a 1RU device, empowers from Intel  8-core x86 CPU and IOS XE which supports up to 64 GB DRAM for higher scale and performance.

It also provides 4 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet Copper (RJ45) ports and 2 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) ports for WAN or LAN and Up to 500 Mbps of aggregate IPsec Internet Mix (IMIX) traffic and Increased scalability to meet the IPsec throughput needs of small branches. It also supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and crypto hardware acceleration.


Cisco Catalyst 8200 uCPE License

About Cisco Catalyst 8200 uCPE license, like other recently announced Cisco Catalyst devices, this product, on Cisco autonomous mode (non SD-WAN), supports Cisco smart licensing. Smart licenses can be used to register all product instances by connecting to Cisco software management website. Also, for highly secure environments, the Cisco 8200 uCPE PLR license can be used to activate all premier features permanently and without the Internet connection.

In other hand, using the IOS XE SD WAN image, Cisco DNA and PnP licenses can be purchased based on the needed crypto bandwidth throughput. Also, note that, Cisco smart licensing is not supported in this mode.  

Part Number Description Cisco Official Price Our Price Discount Price

C8200 1RU w/ 1 NIM slot and 4 x 1-Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports

Cisco Catalyst 8200 uCPE

$5309.21 View More

C8200L 1RU w/ 1 NIM slot and 4 x 1-Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports

Cisco Catalyst 8200 uCPE

$2359.65 View More

Cisco Catalyst 8200 Edge uCPE with 1 NIM slot and 1 PIM slot, 6 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and 8-core CPU, 2.5 in. HDD, M.2 slot

Cisco Catalyst 8200 uCPE

$0.00 View More
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