Cisco CRS (Carrier Router System)

Cisco CRS License

Cisco CRS License

Cisco CRS is a high scalable industry first chassis outdoor which we can scale from 1 to 72 chassis all operating as a single term of switching speed a 16 slot fully loaded chassis can process 1.2Tbps data. It empowers by IOS XR microkernel-based operating system and provides industry-leading.


Cisco Router Licenses


What is CRS Platform

Cisco CRS routing system is industry’s fist carrier router offering continuous system operation using unique service flexibility and system longevity. The CRS offers the revolutionary capabilities all combined on a machine that is vastly more powerful, highly expandable and extremely intelligent.

CRS system architecture combines the Cisco’s silicon packet processor, the first programmable 40 Gbps application-specific integrated circuit with Cisco service separation architecture for unique service flexibility and speed to service.


Generally, CRS is a system than an individual router and unlike typical routers is a highly distributed and modular machine. Its basic building block is a chassis that can process 1.2Tbps of data. By additional chassis can be seamlessly added to expand the machine to as much as 92Tbps of capacity.


Models and Highlights of Cisco CRS License

The Cisco CRS-1 router is the first generation of Carrier Routing System launched in 2004. This replaced the Cisco 12000 routers which were used as core routers. Each slot of CRS-1 has a capacity of 40Gbit/s. CRS-1 supports both standalone and multi-chassis configurations.


The CRS-3 router is the second generation of the CRS series la

unched in March, 2010. In CRS-3 each line card slot has a capacity of 140Gbits/s, which is more than three times the capacity of the previous CRS-1 generation. The architecture is retained as in the previous generation and hardware is compatible with the CRS-1 system. Apart from the single-chassis system and the multi-chassis system, CRS-3 supports back-to-back configuration as well.


In this configuration, two Line Card Chassis are connected back-to-back and there is no Fabric Card Chassis involved as in the case of a multi-chassis configuration. This configuration works only for the 8-slot and 16-slot chassis models.


The CRS-X router provides up to be a 400Gbit/s per slot system and is backward compatible with the previous generation HW. At the time of launch, CRS-X family has three different flavors of physical interface card (40x10GE, 4x100GE and 2x100GE-Flex-40) apart from the improved fabric and modular service cards.


Cisco CRS Router License 

Software entitlement is a mechanism that consists of a license manager on a Cisco IOS XR device which handles licenses for different software and hardware capabilities. The license manager parses and authenticates a license before accepting it. 


Core routing capabilities are available for use without any license. The following features can be activated on your router using Cisco CRS License below :   

Layer 3 VPN can be configured only if there is an available Layer 3 VPN license for the  modular services card (MSC). 


Performance Netflow can empowers the CRS-FP40  card can support down to 1:360 Netflow sample rate running 45 Mpps at a 40-Gbps line rate. 


Advanced Features provides lawful Interception, GRE tunnel, and L2TPv3.   


Modular Services Card Bandwidth enables modular services cards (MSCs) to operate at 40-Gbps throughput when a license is enabled. 


Multi chassis Support provides support of multi chassis system using a license.  

Part Number Description Cisco Official Price Our Price Discount Price

Cisco CRS Series L2 L3 VPN Peering Edge License 40G

$20000.00 View More

Cisco CRS Series Enhanced NetFlow License 400G

$32500.00 View More

Cisco CRS Series L2 L3 VPN Peering Edge License 400G

$60000.00 View More

Cisco CRS Series Traffic Engineering Scale License 400G

$60000.00 View More

Cisco CRS Series L2 L3 VPN Peering Edge License 140G

$45000.00 View More

Cisco CRS CGSE SW License for 6rd Border Relay (eDelivery)

$120000.00 View More

Cisco CRS CGSE SW License for Stateless NAT64 (eDelivery)

$120000.00 View More

Cisco CRS CGSE SW License for 5M NAT44 (eDelivery)

$40000.00 View More

Cisco CRS CGSE SW License for 10M NAT44 (eDelivery)

$80000.00 View More

Cisco CRS CGSE SW License for 20M NAT44 (eDelivery)

$160000.00 View More

Cisco CRS Series Route Scale License 400G

$32500.00 View More

Cisco CRS Series Enhanced NetFlow License 140G

$25000.00 View More

Cisco CRS Series Route Scale License 140G

$25000.00 View More

Cisco CRS Series Multi Chassis License 140G

$100000.00 View More

Cisco CRS Series Traffic Engineering Scale License 140G

$45000.00 View More