Cisco ISR 800 (Integrated Services Router)

Cisco ISR 800 License

The Cisco ISR 800 routers is entry level routers ideal for manage services, small branch or virtual office deployments. They come in various models such as fixed and flexible configurations and offers a platform that is optimized for any business needs and included variety of LANs and WAN connectivity options such as DSL, Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber and 3G or 4G-LTE.

These routers are loaded with practical modules needed for the branch office like enterprise class wireless access point that supports CleanAir for inference management and client link for optimizing use of multiple wireless devices. These routers also support embedded 3G wireless including HSPA+ EvDO rev A. Transparent integration of 3G wireless allows rapid installation, deployment flexibility and resilient mobile broadband backhaul for both primary and WAN backup.

Cisco ISR Licenses

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Models of Cisco ISR 800

Cisco 810 Series Integrated Services Router is the smallest fixed form ISR ideal for machine-to-machine connectivity services.

Cisco 860 Series Integrated Services Router is designed for small branch offices and supports managed services CPE and provides basic secure connectivity. These series are positioned for very small branches with low performance needs.

Cisco ISR 800

Cisco 880 Series Integrated Services Router provides unified wireless, survivable telephony, advanced security and business continuity. These series are positioned for small branches with medium performance with backup WAN needs.

ISR 800

Cisco 890 Series Integrated Services Router is capable of concurrent services for business continuity and WAN diversity. These series are positioned for mid-sized branches that need multiple primary and backup WAN options.

Cisco ISR 800 models


Cisco ISR 800 Router License 

Cisco ISR 800 router’s key features can be enabled by using a specific product activation key (PAK). Cisco ISR 800 License benefits from universal images with various feature sets such as the Cisco IOS Software Advanced Security and Advanced IP Services feature sets. A universal image includes all features supported by a given platform.

Cisco Series Integrated Service 800 Routers also support the new Cisco IOS Software Content Filtering feature and customers can use the Cisco IOS Content Filtering License for that matter. Also, Cisco IOS SSL VPN License and Cisco IOS IPS license can be used to enable advanced features in these routers using Cisco router licenses.

Having limited space, but needing best-in-class routing? This will be a fitting product for you. Our team can prepare guidance for on price and order so you can opt the one that meets your needs.


Part Number Description Cisco Official Price Our Price Discount Price

AX Feature Set License Spare for 800 Series

Cisco ISR 800

$399.00 View More

AppX Feature Set License Spare for 800 Series

Cisco ISR 800

$460.00 View More

AppX Feature Set License for 800 Series

Cisco ISR 800

$600.00 View More

Technology and Feature E-Delivery PAKs for Cisco 800

Cisco ISR 800

$0.00 View More

IP Base License for Cisco ISR 900

Cisco ISR 800

$0.00 View More
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