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The Cisco Network Convergence System 6000 routers (NCS 6000 routers) are designed to provide power, density and intelligence into service provider’s network infrastructure. The NCS 6000 series help to create an environment that is flexible and scalable enough to adapt to their customer’s needs. The NCS 6000 was built to address the architectural changes during by massive route from video and IoT bringing together the people, processes, data and things. The Cisco NCS 6000 provides the opportunity for service providers to better utilized existing assets and explore the new source of income.

Running the industry-leading virtualized Cisco IOS® XR Software, the Cisco NCS 6000 Series advances the concept of distributed routing and virtualization. With Cisco virtualized IOS XR Software, the Cisco NCS 6000 Series brings new levels of programmability and virtualization to enhance application service offerings, increase provisioning speed, and optimize network economics.

To makes it into the reality, the Cisco has designed a very large and complex 200Gbps and fully duplex 40nm ASIC. It contains over 4B transistors and over 3000 pins. It is a programmable ASIC meaning we can add intelligence, features and functions over time by maintaining higher level of performance.

Cisco NCS 6000

The NCS 6000 line cards, each forward up to 1Tbps traffic! These line cards are designed to grow customers power, save their costs and provide their density needs. The same card can be flexibly configured for 10, 40 and 100Gb Ethernet without changing out the line card or the optics.

The NCS 6000 also takes full advantage of the CPAK. A new 100Gb optical form factor that integrates silicon photonics technology and in 75 percent smaller size, also reduces power consumption compared to other 100Gb technologies.

Cisco NCS 6008 Router

The Cisco NCS 6008 – 8-Slot Chassis is a single-chassis system that provides 16Tbps of full-duplex network bandwidth through 8 line cards. Each card delivers up to 2Tbps throughput using a mix of 10-Gbps and 100-Gbps interfaces per card. The Cisco NCS 6008 system also provides modular optics options to meet a wide range of distance requirements. In a multi-chassis configuration, the Cisco NCS 6008 system can be expanded to support up to 256Tbps of full-duplex forwarding throughput.

Cisco NCS 6000 License

Cisco NCS 6000 license can be applied with a product activation key license (PAK license) in order to register all product instances. Currently, customer can only use traditional RTU licenses on these routers and Cisco smart licensing is not supported.


Part Number Description Cisco Official Price Our Price Discount Price

NCS 6000 15x10GE Multiservice PAYG Upgrade License.

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$21719502.00 View More

NCS 6000 2x100GE LSR PAYG Upgrade License Spare Bundle.

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$16048299.00 View More
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