Cisco Catalyst 4900 switches

Cisco 4900

Cisco 4900 Series Switches are ideal for space-constrained deployments that can meet demands of branch offices and data center. The Switching Capacity of this series is up to 320 Gbps. They can deliver high-performance, low-latency wire-speed Layer 2 and 3 services in a small form factor (1 or 2 rack units).

The Catalyst 4900 series consist of a family of smart top of the rack switches. The Cisco 4900 family is available in 3 models with 3 different IOS feature sets. These series offer full Layer 3 routing capabilities with no impact to switching performance.


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Models and Features

The Cisco Catalyst 4900M is a semi modular switch with 8 ports of fixed 10G ports and 2 modular slots with half size. The modular line card slots allow customers to mix and match prototypes to design a perfect switch to meet specific business needs. The 4900M switch is a flexible platform that offers two popular configurations. First, 40x1Gb downlinks along with 8x10Gb uplinks used for data center top of the rack and collapsed backbone. Second, 32x1Gb fiber and 8×10 uplink ports. This configuration is ideal for collapsed distribution core applications aggregating 1G LAN access switches.


The Cisco Catalyst 4948 and 4948 10G are the classic top of the rack data center switches offering non-blocking performance in 1 RU form factor. The Cisco 4948E is built on the classic Cisco 4948 10G platform with added front-to-back cooling with IPv6 in hardware and doubles the uplinks capacity. All these switches offer 48 ports of triple speed downlink connecting the servers with fiber uplinks. The key difference between these 3 switches is the uplinks. The Catalyst 4948 has 4x1G SFP, the 4948 10G has 2x10G and 4948E has 4×1/10G SFP uplinks.


The Cisco Catalyst 4928 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch (4928-10GE) is a wire-speed, Layer 2 to 4, 1-rack-unit (1RU) switch designed for space-constrained LAN distribution and core applications. Based on the proven Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series hardware and software architecture, this switch offers exceptional performance, bandwidth, and reliability for medium-density, multilayer aggregation of high-performance LAN access switches.

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Catalyst 4948 IP Base Upgrade License for LAN Base IOS

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