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Moving applications to the cloud can be complicated. Remote users, expanding branches and multiple clouds can seem impossible to connect. Servers should be simple, continuous, secure and cost-efficient. That is where SD-WAN can help enterprises. Through a single console called cisco vManage, Cisco SD-WAN provides full control over your entire wide area network extending management across the cloud edge.


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In a few seconds users across your network can enjoy the fastest paths to applications like office 365. Even if there’s packet loss, latency or jitter on the underlay network, Cisco SD-WAN will adjust as needed with real-time traffic steering that means zero downtime across the network. Scaling your network is equally as simple with Cisco vAnalytics and zero-touch deployment. Providing detailed metrics Cisco SD-WAN can ensure success when planning expansions and changes across the SD-WAN fabric.

Bandwidth forecasting, application uptime monitoring and unparalleled visibility into network performance trends are just a few features that make bringing new branches onto the network simple. When ready to deploy connectivity a few simple clicks can bring up routers at new locations and Cisco SD-WAN will apply the preferred network policies and templates.

Finally, cisco SD-WAN is secure. With a few clicks you can instantly harden the entire SD-WAN fabric turning certified, trustworthy Cisco routers into advanced multi-layered security devices.

Whether you’re providing guest internet access and require DNS layer security and URL filtering or wish to protect your enterprise from Internet threats with firewalling and IPS or maybe you’re looking to isolate critical assets with segmentation Cisco SD-WAN can do it all from the vManage console. Cisco SD-WAN simplifies cloud connectivity and management improving user experience and enhancing security beyond what was thought possible.



Cisco vManage License


Cisco vManage supports Cisco Plug-and-Play or PnP licenses. First, you should purchase a DNA subscription license based on the needed crypto-bandwidth for their network edge devices in the different branches. Then, using the Cisco plug-and-play dashboard at, you can generate a Viptela file which can be assigned into the vManage portal. After that, the edge devices can be authorized into the SD-WAN fabric.

Part Number Description Cisco Official Price Our Price Discount Price

NSO NED Cisco Viptela vManage:1 Active Prod Netw Svr-Perp

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NSO NED Cisco Viptela vManage:1 Active Prod Netw Svr -SIA

Cisco vManage Licenses

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NSO NED Cisco Viptela vManage:1 Active Prod Netw Svr-PS

Cisco vManage Licenses

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Capability to indicate spin up of vManage and vBond

Cisco vManage Licenses

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NSO NED Viptela vManage: 1 Active Prod Net Srv Perpetual

Cisco vManage Licenses

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