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Cisco has enhanced its ASA firewalls with Cisco Firepower which considers as next-generation firewalls. Basically, Firepower is a software module that takes care of main functions like application provisioning, intrusion protection, malware detection and URL filtering. It supports vast range of commercial applications in its layer 7 firewalling.

These devices have powered from unified management which can offer multiple security functions across multiple solutions also are able to Facilitates the centralized management of the Cisco security environment.

By using Integrated policy management over multiple security functions admins will be able to Configures firewall access, application control, threat prevention, URL filtering, and advanced malware protection settings in a single policy, more over it Eases policy administration, reduces errors, and promotes consistency Enables a single policy to be deployed to multiple security solutions.

Integration with Cisco Identify Services Engine (ISE) allows Controls access based on Cisco ISE security group tag, device type and location IP, and rapid threat containment and Helps enforce compliance, enhance infrastructure security, and streamline service operation. Superior threat intelligence can Integrates Cisco TALOS Group’s security, threat, and vulnerability intelligence for up-to-minute threat protection, additionally Addresses new attack methods with both IP-based and URL-based security and intelligence Includes Cisco Umbrella for threat visibility outside the network perimeter.

Cisco Security Licenses

Cisco Firepower Application visibility and control uses the open-source standard Open App ID for detailed identification and control over custom applications. Providing up to 100 management domains with separate event data, reporting, and network mapping, enforced through role-based access control is one of Cisco Firepower magnificent features.

Network admins can benefit from Reporting and dashboards in order to get alerts and reports for both general and focused information and contextual information in hyperlinked tables, graphs, and charts for easy-to-use analysis also Monitor network behavior and performance to identify anomalies and maintain system health.

Firepower Secure boot is a mechanism to validate the integrity of Cisco software running on the FMC hardware as your system boots. If a signature is missing or software is invalid, it will not load and boot will fail. (FMC 1600, FMC 2600, FMC 4600 only).

Management Before, During, and After an Attack

cisco firepower

Cisco Firepower firewall benefits from Threat Defense Manager which provides unified management before, during, and after an attack.

Before: Provides visibility into what is running in your network so you can see what needs to be protected also Creates firewall rules, and controls how more than 4000 commercial and custom applications are used in your environment.

During: States the intrusion prevention levels, URL rules, and innovative malware protection and Applies essential policies.

After: Creates a graphical representation of all the devices the attack has infected, furthermore Offers the ability to create a custom rule to stop the attack from advancing and finally Gives a detailed analysis of the malware to safely remediate it.

Automated Security for Dynamic Defense

Threat Defense Manager constantly monitors network changes. It simplifies operations and improves your security by Automatically correlating and prioritizing new attack events with your network’s vulnerabilities to aware you to attacks that may have been successful. Your security team can focus on those events that are important. Then by Analyzing your network’s vulnerabilities and automatically recommending the appropriate security policies to apply.

You can adapt your defenses to changing conditions and implement security measures personalized exactly to your network. Another feature is Correlating specific events from network, endpoint, intrusion, and security intelligence sources. You’re warned if any hosts show signs of being compromised. Eventually with Applying file policy criteria, if those are met, it automatically evaluates the file to identify known malware and sends the file to an integrated sandbox to identify unknown malware.

Cisco Secure Firewall Integration

Cisco Firepower Threat Defense Manager makes integration with third-party technologies possible through strong programming interfaces. The APIs provide connection points for Moving event data from Threat Defense Manager to another platform, such as a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, Secondly Enhances the information contained in the Cisco IPS database with third-party data. Such data might include vulnerability management, third kicks off workflows and remediation steps that are activated by user-defined correlation rules.

You could, for example, integrate your workflow with a Network Access Control (NAC) solution to quarantine an infected endpoint or initiate a digital forensic process and finally supporting third-party reporting and analytics by enabling those solutions to query the Threat Defense Manager database. These APIs are also used to integrate with a various number of Cisco security products and workflows

Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Intelligence Director

The Threat Intelligence Director is an integrated module within Threat Defense Manager. Using open APIs, the director simplifies the ingestion of third-party threat intelligence from different sources. The director supports the ingestion of Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX) and the Trusted Automated Exchange of Indicator Information (TAXII) or select, flat (unformatted) file formats. The Threat Intelligence Director deconstructs the ingested intelligence into observables (IoCs), including IP (IPv4, IPv6), domain, URL, and SHA-256.

These are published to Cisco security appliances, which can automatically block malicious activity inline or monitor the network for rapid response.

The Threat Intelligence Director operationalizes available threat intelligence with the following Cisco security appliances:

Cisco Firepower NGFW (Cisco Secure Firewall)

Cisco Firepower NGIPS (Cisco Secure IPS)

cisco firepower firewall

Cisco Secure Firewall Management Solutions

Customers have the ability to manage their Firepower devices using the Cisco Firepower Device Manager (FDM) or Cisco Firepower Management Center (FMC).

Cisco FDM: Cisco FDM is an on-box web user interface which can be accessed via browser.

FMC Appliance: A hardware Firepower Management Center does not require purchase of additional licenses or service subscriptions in order to manage devices.

FMC Virtual : Cisco Firepower License for Management Center Virtual is required additional licensing. Contact your authorized representative for details.

Cisco Secure Firewall License

Cisco Firepower license includes licenses for basic operation, but some features require separate licensing or service subscriptions. A “right-to-use” license does not expire, but service subscriptions require periodic renewal. The type of license your products require depends on the software you use, not on the hardware it runs on. Running on ASA mode, Cisco Secure Firewall licenses are as it shown in the following figure:

ASA on Firepower License

Cisco Firepower Smart License 

Cisco Firepower Management Center allows you to assign smart licenses to managed devices. All Cisco Firepower licenses can be ordered and purchased on the Cisco smart software management website. Also, Cisco Firepower PLR license is another solution registering product instances once and forever. As an offline solution, customers can benefit from Firepower PLR license to register all instances permanently.

Cisco Firepower PLR license can activate all the Cisco URL, AMP, Threat and AnyConnect licenses permanently.  

Cisco FTD PLR License

Cisco Firepower Order Pricing

Customers can contact our sales specialists in order to get the latest and recommended Cisco product and license prices with up to 70% discount. Our experts can illustrate so many ways of order and price. Customers can fill the price quote or call our contact number to get the details about different license prices. We try to pass the best price and the easiest way of order in accordance to your need.



Firepower ran on two different codes, the ASA code and the FTD (Firepower Threat Defense) code. The ASA was the basic software, but it lacked the advanced next-gen and IPS functionality. The module then would provide IPS, Malware, and URL filtering capabilities through Firepower.

FTD is an integrated image which combines all of the Firepower Services features with many (but not all) ASA firewall services. Firepower appliances run only the legacy Firepower image and will not run FTD image.

Firepower IPS/IDS is a signature-based detection approach which generates alert and block malicious traffic.

Firepower runs on two different codes, the ASA code and the FTD (Firepower Threat Defense) code.

Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) is an integrative software image combining Cisco ASA and Firepower feature into one hardware and software inclusive system.

Customers can purchase following subscription to assign to their Firepower systems:

T for Threat

TC for Threat and URL Filtering

TM for Threat and Malware Protection

TMC for Threat, Malware and URL Filtering

URL for URL Filtering

AMP for Malware Protection

For example: L-ASA5545T-TMC-5Y is a 5-year subscription that activates all features on the ASA 5545 NGFWs.

A Malware license for Firepower Threat Defense devices allows you to perform Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) with AMP for Networks and Cisco Threat Grid.

The URL Filtering license allows you to write access control rules that determine the traffic that can traverse your network based on URLs requested by monitored hosts, correlated with information about those URLs.

A Threat license allows you to perform intrusion detection and prevention, file control, and Security Intelligence filtering.

3100 Series
3100 Series
Cisco Firepower 3100 License
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1000 Series
Cisco Firepower 1000 License
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2100 Series
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4100 Series
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9300 Series
9300 Series
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