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Cisco ISA3000

Cisco ISA3000 License

Cisco ISA3000 (Industrial Security Appliances) As businesses like Manufacturing, energy, transportation, and other industries are changing their operations into digitization, deeper integration between IT and cloud are required to resolve security issues that are now putting production integrity, continuity, and safety at risk.

The Cisco ISA3000 is a proven enterprise firewall providing intrusion protection, and network security policies of Cisco’s next generation firewall software (NGFW). This product is Developed specifically for deployment in the harshest industrial environments as a foundation of security infrastructure to enable secure industrial operations and regulatory compliance.

The Cisco Industrial Security Appliance 3000 Control industrial network traffic to help ensure production uptime and integrity and Blocks malicious traffic before it’s too late. The ISA3000 leverages Cisco TALOS threat intelligence to continuously analyze files and uncover stealthy threats. Moreover, this product Enforces consistent security policies across operational Technologies (OT) and counts as a part of the Cisco Firepower family which supports the same management tool.

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Cisco ISA3000 Benefits

The Cisco ISA3000 is the ideal DMZ firewall to connect utility substations, pipeline networks, remote control units, or street cabinets. It filters traffic flowing through the WAN and manages VPN connections to enable seamless and secure distributed operation. Also, The Cisco ISA3000 separates different parts of the network in your manufacturing cells, zones, or utility substations so that attacks are contained and business-critical processes are kept safe. Furthermore, it can Block threats and exploits to vulnerable control equipment and save on downtime. The ISA3000 leverages threat intelligence from Cisco TALOS to detect malicious activity or harmful traffic and protect industrial assets that cannot be patched. The Cisco ISA3000 translates IP addresses and secures communications so you don’t have to modify duplicate addresses and can easily connect prebuilt systems.

Cisco ISA3000 License

The Cisco ISA3000 license can only be applied using Cisco smart licenses. In this method, all product instances should be registered on the Cisco smart software manager using a Cisco ISA3000 license which makes it easier to manage and move licenses between network devices.


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Cisco ISA3000

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