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Cisco PLR License

Cisco PLR License


What is Cisco PLR License? Smart Licensing needs a smart device instance to often adjust with Cisco Smart Software Management (CSSM) in order that the most recent license status is refreshed and compliance reportable. Some Client have devices that inside extremely secured networks with restricted internet access.

In these varieties of networks, devices cannot often adjust with CSSM and show out of compliance. To support these client environments, Permanent License Reservation (PLR) are introduced. activate permanent license reservation (PLR), allows a device to have universal license. After activating PLR, the device does not need connect and sync with Cisco Smart Software Manager(SSM) to maintain its ability to use features associated with a license. The following are the license reservation types:

Then the devices never have to be compelled to connect to Cisco in Permanent License Reservation mode. SLR permits you put a node-locked license file (SLR authorization code) on a product instance. This license file allows individual (specific) licenses (entitlement tags).

Cisco PLR License lets you install an authorization code that enables all licensed features on the product. Contact for support.


Permanent licenses don’t need periodic access to the License Authority. Like PAK licenses, you’ll  purchase a license and install the license key for Prime Access Registrar. You’ll simply switch between regular smart licensing mode and PLR mode. Prime Access Registrar will operate ordinarily without in progress communication with either the CSSM or the Smart Software Satellite.

A single “Universal” license PID that authorizes all attainable product functionalities will be available, including an limiteless amount of counted licenses as well.


Cisco PLR License Guide:

  1. Run the following commands:

The product displays an ASCII text string that securely represents the product UDI, a short sequence number, and a short hash. The length of this string varies depending on the product and its UDI, but must be minimized and cannot exceed 32 characters.


  1. Connect and Give us the ASCII text string.
  2. The user enters the license into the product with an exec command such as:


Where, <string> is the authorization code generated by the us and he product is now ready for operation.