Cisco Catalyst 3000 PLR License Features

Cisco Catalyst 3000 PLR License
Cisco Catalyst 3000 PLR License

Cisco Catalyst 3000 PLR License Features

Cisco PLR license is an easy-to-use and intuitive smart licensing solution which enables all premium features and full capabilities on the certain devices. Unlike the Cisco smart licensing, the Cisco PLR license needs no inbound or outbound Internet connectivity between the device and Cisco smart software manager. This solution is ideal for highly secure environments with restricted Internet connection allows all product instances offline registration.

Currently, The Cisco Catalyst 3650 PLR license, Cisco Catalyst 3750 PLR license and Cisco Catalyst 3850 PLR license are available for Cisco Catalyst 3000 family switches. Customers, by generating a request code within the device’s CLI and sending it to a Cisco partner, can apply a received authorization code in the device which activates full platform’s features.

Applying the PLR license on the Catalyst 3000 families activates complete access and enterprise Layer 2 capabilities including:

  • Cisco StackPower technology
  • Hot standby protocols

Access and enterprise access Layer 3 protocols including:

  • RIP
  • Static and stub PIM
  • OSPF and stub OSPF
  • BGP
  • IS-IS VRF-lite
  • WCCP
  • PBR

Basic and enhanced manageability features including:

  • wide range of MIBs
  • IPSLA Responder
  • Gold-Lite
  • Smart Install Director

Complete access and enterprise security capabilities containing:

  • Router and VLAN ACLs
  • private VLANs
  • DHCP Snooping
  • Cisco Identity 4.0
  • NAC and 802.1x features
  • Cisco TrustSec SXP
  • and IEEE 802.1AE

Finally, for access and enterprise QoS purposes it supports:

  • Ingress policing
  • Trust Boundary
  • AutoQoS
  • DSCP mapping
  • per-VLAN policies.

To wrap it up, Cisco PLR license counts as a reliable and trustworthy solution for enterprises which removes all smart licensing challenges.

Please note that Cisco PLR licenses cannot be moved between devices and are node-locked. This means that, the installed PLR license cannot be re-installed after return from the device. So, if the customer returns the authorization code in CLI, the code would not be valid anymore.

In conclusion, Cisco Catalyst PLR licenses is more cost-effective compared with Cisco smart licenses.


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