Cisco ISE PLR License

Cisco ISE PLR License
Cisco ISE PLR License


Cisco ISE PLR License

Basically, Cisco ISE licensing enables the ability to manage the application features and access, such as the number of concurrent endpoints that can use Cisco ISE network resources.

Cisco ISE 2 Classic Licensing

In the old model, Cisco ISE license consisted of Base, Plus and Apex license packages. In this model, Base license enables basic network access such as, AAA, IEEE-802.1X, Guest management, Link encryption (MACSec), TrustSec and ISE Application Programming Interfaces features. Using Apex license package provides Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), profiling and feed services, Endpoint Protection Service (EPS), Cisco pxGrid and MSE integration for location services abilities plus Base features. In the most premium way, Apex license package enables all mentioned features plus third-party mobile device management (MDM) and posture compliance.

Cisco ISE 3 Smart Licensing

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) 3.0 introduces new license types which are in the same format as DNAC licenses, providing the same approach to ISE. The three tiers of ISE licenses are Essentials, Advantage, and Premier that replace the ISE Base, Plus and Apex licenses. These are in the nested doll model, which means that the features in Essentials license are included within Advantage and features in Advantage are included in Premier. The features in each license are as follows.

 ISE License
Cisco ISE PLR License

Also by benefiting from Cisco smart licenses, it is much easier to manage and control different licenses in Cisco smart software management central website. Smart Licensing is a new, flexible software-licensing model that simplifies the way customers activate and manage licenses across their organization. Instead of using Product Activation Keys (PAKs), Smart Licenses establish a pool of software licenses in a customer-defined Smart Account that can be used throughout the enterprise.

Cisco ISE Permanent License Reservation Solution

Cisco ISE PLR License

While using Cisco smart license requires constant Internet access directly or through a proxy server, Cisco has announced its Cisco permanent license reservation for Cisco ISE providing all product instances registration without any Internet connection. Cisco ISE PLR license can be used to activate the following features permanently:

    • AAA and 802.1X
    • Guest Provisioning Capabilities (Hotspot, Self-Reg, Sponsored)
    • Easy Connect (PassiveID)
    • Context Sharing (pxGrid Out/In)
    • Profiling Enforcement
    • Group-Based Policy (TrustSec)
    • Location Enforcement
    • BYOD (+CA, +MDP)
    • Profiling Visibility
    • Location Visibility
    • RTC (ANC)
    • Posture Enforcement
    • MDM Enforcement
    • TC-NAC Enforcement
    • Posture Visibility
    • MDM Visibility
    • TC-NAC Visibility Cloud
    • User-Defined Network for the Cloud

All the mentioned features are as same as the Cisco ISE premier license (ISE-P-LIC, Cisco Identity Service Engine Premier Subscription). Moreover, the following capabilities are also included in the Cisco ISE PLR license:

  • VM license features (R-ISE-VML-K9=, Cisco ISE Virtual Machine Large)
  • Device Administration – TACACS+ (L-ISE-TACACS-ND=, Cisco ISE Device Admin Node License)

After all, please note that the offline permanent license reservation capability would be available after Cisco ISE 3 second patch upgrade (3.0.458). These licenses are more cost-effective compared with Cisco ISE individual smart licenses.

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Activating PLR License on Cisco ISE
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