Cisco StealthWatch PLR License

Cisco StealthWatch PLR License

Cisco Stealthwatch PLR License (Cisco Secure Network Analytics)

Essentially, Cisco Secure Network Analytics which is formerly known as Cisco Stealthwatch, is able to monitor and analyze billions of network sessions to determine when something looks suspicious and generate prioritized alerts with context so you can respond to the most urgent threats first. by using the robust and revolutionary Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) technology, it can help the enterprises to cover the dark spots in encrypted traffic without any decryption by using new types of data elements or telemetry that are independent of protocol details. This enhanced encrypted traffic telemetry is generated by the next-generation Cisco routers, switches, and wireless controllers, as well as the Secure Network Analytics Flow Sensor.

Cisco Stealthwatch PLR License

In Cisco Permanent License Reservation, Customers should consider the following benefits to Use Cisco Stealthwatch:

  • Stealthwatch is scalable and can process large volumes of traffic.
  • Stealthwatch is not just for security purposes and it gives network administrators complete network visibility
  • Network can be continuously monitored for which traffics has already bypassed NGFWs, furthermore, internal network will still be checked.
  • Using Encrypted Traffic Analytics: traffic can also be checked to ensure is compliant with PCI and HIPPA

All available features on Cisco Stealthwatch need specific licenses to be registered. These smart licenses should be purchased and assigned to a smart account. After that, All Cisco Stealthwatch instances should be registered in the Cisco Smart Software Manager using a direct or proxy connection. The following Stealthwatch appliances and features are licensed with Cisco Smart Software Licensing:

  • Flow Sensors VE License
  • UDP Directors License
  • UDP Directors VE License
  • Flow Rate (FPS) License
  • Endpoint License
  • Threat Intelligence License (formerly known as SLIC)
  • Security Analytics and Logging License

Also, all mentioned licenses, are included in offline solution called Cisco Stealthwatch PLR license. Cisco Stealthwatch license reservation allows customers to enable all premium features permanently and without any network connection. These licenses are essentially designed for highly-secure network architectures where no inbound or outbound connection is allowed. Finally, compared with online smart licenses, the Stealthwatch PLR license is more cost-effective solution.



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